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-- Jennifer Morgan is the mother of three girls and lives in McCook.

Worried about what if's

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Iím pretty sure this is just a Mom thing, but getting ready to leave for vacation can be almost so stressful and worrisome, that I wonder sometimes why I even book vacations. While everyone else in the family is excited and jumping around counting the days till we leave, Iím giving myself headaches every day cause Iím worrying about what all I need to get done beforehand, what all needs to be packed and then primarily, all the stupid ďwhat ifísĒ.

Iím worried about getting things done at work, notifying whoever might need me, and thinking of all the potential problems that could possibly occur and how I can hopefully prevent them prior to leaving. Iím worried about our house and what could potentially happen there, like what if the air conditioner stops working or the basement floods or someone breaks in while weíre gone. Should I leave lights on or shut them off, should I tell the neighbors, or stop the mail or leave it going. Donít want to make it too obvious weíre gone but then again, why the heck am I so worried about it?

Iím fretting about the weather and what if rains our whole vacation. What will we do then? Or what if we get there and our condo is gross? Or what if we get sick when weíre away? Or hurt? Iíve already been worried for three weeks now that one of us will get sick or hurt before we even leave and then we wonít be able to go. Shoot, my girls canít even go to the lake or to the Fair, and my first thought is, ďI hope they donít get hurtĒ.

I know itís ridiculous and a total waste of my mental energy because most of this junk, I have no control over, but for some weird reason, before every vacation, I worry. Like go to bed worried and wake up at 6 am worried. Really unproductive, I know! And awaiting a family vacation is supposed to be exciting but somehow I make it a tad dreadful!

So Ö to help ease my worries, I sat down a week ago and made the ďlistsĒ. The dreaded lists that no one wants to see, and plopped them on the counter for all to read. The first list is of Things To Do before we leave and the second is things to pack. My girls hate the To Do list because itís full of things they arenít going to want to help with, like laundry and cleaning.

But I like the ďlistsĒ because they can keep me focused. Focused on all the thousand things I need to do instead of the ďwhat ifís.Ē

If I canít control the weather and my familyís immune system, at least I can be effectively packed and leave town with a clean house and a mowed yard!

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