FBI agent provides lesson on unsafe handling of firearms

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

An FBI agent is in big trouble after providing an unintended lesson on safe firearm handling.

Chase Bishop, 29, was off duty at a Denver distillery and dance club when he decided to demonstrate a backflip.

The flip came off perfectly, but his concealed weapon came loose, falling to the floor in the process.

That wouldn’s have been so bad, but when he reached to pick it up, it discharged, shooting another man in the leg.

He turned himself in after being charged with one count of second-degree assault. Other charges may follow once the results of a blood-alcohol test are received, and judging from the video, we’d say there’s a good chance they won’t help Bishop’s case.

The case puts officials in a difficult position. Does the prosecuting attorney make an example of the young agent, or is he given a break because he’s part of the law enforcement establishment?

His FBI supervisors face the same quandary, do they possibly end a promising agent’s career over one bad decision, or do they let him serve as an example to other agents who are tempted to party a little too hardy while carrying a service weapon?

What about the victim? He’s lucky to be alive, but we’re sure his lawyers are already maneuvering to maximize their fees.

How about other concealed-carry permit holders who accidentally injure someone else — can they expect treatment equal to that meted out to the FBI agent?

We’ve all heard plenty of warnings about the dangers of drinking and driving, but as the Colorado case illustrates, like gasoline, alcohol and gunpowder are a bad combination.

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