Don't let lack of drama prevent you from casting a vote

Monday, May 14, 2018

Despite the headline, there will be some drama during Tuesday’s election, notably District 3 Red Willow County Commissioner in McCook.

That Republican ballot will list incumbent Jacqueline Riener, challengers Cayla Richards and Andrea Wolfe, with Charles Fritsche mounting a write-in campaign.

District 3 covers the “Reservation” portion of McCook as well as much of western Red Willow County. Check out maps of the rural districts here and city boundaries here.

While you’re online, check out where to vote here, if you live in Red Willow County and haven’t already voted. Similar information is available for other counties websites; fine them here.

Statewide races of interest find Jane Raybould, Frank B. Svoboda, Larry Marvin and Chris Janicek on the Democratic ballot for U.S. Senator; Jack Heidel, Dennis Frank Macek, incumbent Deb Fischer, Jeffrey Lynn Stein and Tod F Watson on the Republican ballot, and Jim Schultz as Libertarian.

Paul Theobald is the lone Democrat running for 3rd District U.S. Representative, and Kirk Penner, Larry Lee Scott Bolinger and Arron Kowalski are challenging Adrian Smith on the Republican ballot.

Republicans Bob Evnen and Debra Perrell are running for Secretary of State, as is Democrat Spencer Danner. John Murante and Taylor Royal are facing off for state treasurer as Republicans, and Stephanie L. Malcom faces incumbent Dan Hughes for the District 44 seat in the Legislature.

Some see voting as a chore, and if casting a ballot is no more important to them than doing dishes — perhaps we’re better off if those types of voters do stay home.

But our constitutional republic depends on citizen involvement if it is to have any chance of fulfilling its promise as a representative democracy.

The Gazette and other responsible media outlets do our best to present the issues in as honest and fair manner as possible, but voters have a responsibility as well to seek out the truth on any issue as well, rather than just finding a source that conforms to their own prejudices.

Let’s all to our best to be informed citizens and make wise choices when it’s time to make those decisions known.

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