Officials confirm victim of March 6 fire hospitalized

Monday, March 26, 2018

LINCOLN, Neb. — The Nebraska Fire Marshal’s office confirmed Friday that the individual burned in the wildfire that started north of McCook and destroyed one home in McCook’s Countryside Estates subdivision on March 6 is still hospitalized.

The man, whose name has never been released, was burned when the fire consumed the tarp-and-branch makeshift shelter that he has inhabited, according to some neighbors, for many years.

The fire started when 60-70-mile-an-hour winds loosened metal roofing on a farm building about one mile north of McCook on the east side of Highway 83 and wore the insulation off of an electrical wire. The resulting sparks started a grass fire that quickly spread in the wind.

The home of Jennifer and John Kugler in the Countryside Estates subdivision was destroyed. About 212 acres of grass and wooded canyon burned.

The burn victim was transported by McCook ambulance to Community Hospital of McCook and later transferred to a Lincoln hospital.

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