All-RPAC basketball teams announced

Monday, March 19, 2018

A total of 51 Gazette-area players earned All-Republican Plains Activity Conference basketball honors, including 27 girls and 24 boys.

Teams were broken down by East and West divisions.

All-RPAC girls

Wauneta-Palisade's Faith Simpson was named to the All-RPAC West Division first-team.
Steve Towery/McCook Gazette

The West Division honors included 14 Gazette-area players.

Wauneta-Palisade’s Faith Simpson led first-team nominations, while Dundy County-Stratton’s Grace Frederick and Adalene Krutsinger, Hitchcock County’s Allison Hoyt and Maywood/Hayes Center’s Jayden Widener joined Simpson in the first-team.

The second team included MHC’s Sydney Mullen-Shaw and Grace Koubek, Hitchcock County’s Kass Kisker and Kyleigh Scott and Maxwell’s Grace Sommer.

Honorable mentions for the West Division included Hitchcock County’s Jasmine Youngquist, MHC’s Jaycee Lapp and Avery Johnson and Wauneta-Palisade’s Destiny Beacham and Monique Gooden.

The East Division had 13 Gazette-area players.

Cambridge sophomore Korynn Clason was one of eight Gazette-area players to earn first-team honors.
Gabe Gauthier/McCook Gazette

Cambridge’s Korynn Clason and Southern Valley’s Cassi Bose and Lauryn Samuelson earned first-team honors. They were joined by Alma’s Madalyn Brugh and Bertrand’s Halle Dahlgren.

The second team consisted of Alma’s Tiffany Wells, Arapahoe’s Alayna Whipple, Bertrand’s Grace Schwarz, Cambridge’s Shaye Porter and Southwest’s Nicole Dewey.

Honorable mentions included Arapahoe’s Terri Hilker, Cambridge’s Katelynn Benson and Baylee Miller, Medicine Valley’s Rachel Lashley and Alex Ellermeier and Southern Valley’s Becca Lennemann.

All-RPAC boys

Dundy County-Stratton senior Phalen Sanford (12) was one of five Gazette-area players awarded first-team honors.
Steve Towery/McCook Gazette

The West Division honors included 10 Gazette-area players.

DCS’s Phalen Sanford led all first-team nominations, while Wauneta-Palisade’s Cash Yearous joined him in the first five. Also earning first-team distinction were Paxton’s Blake Brewster and Ryan Fox and Wallace’s Micah Swedberg.

The second team consisted of DCS’ Jacob Gemborys, Wauneta-Palisade’s Duncan Rector, Paxton’s Jeff Storer, Wallace’s Jared Sullivan and Hitchcock County’s Dionte Perkins. Perkins was the lone freshman named all-conference.

West Division honorable mentions from the Gazette area included DCS’ Michael Frederick, Hitchcock County’s Darian Hutto, Wauneta-Palisade’s Ty Duvel and Austen Rozelle and MHC’s Von Fritsche.

In the East Division, 14 area players earned recognition.

Caden Houghtelling was a first-team All-RPAC East Division player for the Cambridge Trojans.
Steve Towery/McCook Gazette

Cambridge’s Caden Houghtelling, Arapahoe’s Spencer Watsona nd Medicine Valley’s Joeseph Chancellor earned first-team honors. They were joined by Alma’s David Ehrke and Jackson McKenzie.

The second team consisted of Jacob Pruitt of Arapahoe, Paxton Ross and Preston Carbaugh of Cambridge, Tyler Callahan of Bertrand and Chaston Burgeson of Southern Valley.

Additionally, seven Gazette players were named honorable mention. That included Arapahoe’s Yordi Gutierrez, Cambridge’s Tyler Borland, Medicine Valley’s Ryan Klintworth and Chase Newcomb and Southwest’s Derek Greenlee, Logan Greenlee and Bryan Leslie.

2017/2018 All-RPAC

Girls basketball

East Division

First team

Korynn Clason, Cambridge

Halle Dahlgren, Bertrand

Cassi Bose, Southern Valley

Madalyn Brugh, Alma

Lauryn Samuelson, Southern Valley

Second team

Shaye Porter, Cambridge

Nicole Dewey, Southwest

Grace Schwarz, Bertrand

Alayna Whipple, Arapahoe

Tiffany Wells, Alma

Honorable mention

Abby Cervera, Alma; Terri Hilker, Arapahoe; Katelynn Benson, Cambridge; Baylee Miller, Cambridge; Alex Ellermeier, Medicine Valley; Rachel Lashley, Medicine Valley; Janessa Kring, Southern Valley; Becca Lennemann, Southern Valley.

West Division

First team

Faith Simpson, Wauneta-Palisade

Allison Hoyt, Hitchcock County

Jayden Widener, MHC

Grace Frederick, DCS

Adalene Krutsinger, DCS

Second team

Sydney Mullen-Shaw, MHC

Kass Kisker, Hitchcock County

Grace Sommer, Maxwell

Grace Koubek, MHC

Kyleigh Scott, Hitchcock County

Honorable mention

Jasmine Youngquist, Hitchcock County; Sydney Mullin, Maxwell; Avery Johnson, MHC; Jaycee Lapp, MHC; Callie Kriha, Paxton; Hannah Nelson, Wallace; Destiny Beacham, Wauneta-Palisade; Monique Gooden, Wauneta-Palisade

Boys basketball

East Division

First team

David Ehrke, Alma

Caden Houghtelling, Cambridge

Spencer Watson, Arapahoe

Joeseph Chancellor, Medicine Valley

Jackson McKenzie, Alma

Second team

Jacob Pruitt, Arapahoe

Paxton Ross, Cambridge

Preston Carbaugh, Cambridge

Tyler Callahan, Bertrand

Chaston Burgeson, Southern Valley

Honorable mention

Yordi Gutierrez, Arapahoe; Austin Long, Bertrand; Tyler Borland, Cambridge; Ryan Klintworth, Medicine Valley; Chase Newcomb, Medicine Valley; Derek Greenlee, Southwest; Logan Greenlee, Southwest; Bryan Leslie, Southwest.

West Division

First team

Phalen Sanford, DCS

Blake Brewster, Paxton

Ryan Fox, Paxton

Micah Swedberg, Wallace

Cash Yearous, Wauneta-Palisade

Second team

Jacob Gemborys, DCS

Duncan Rector, Wauneta-Palisade

Jeff Storer, Paxton

Jared Sullivan, Wallace

Dionte Perkins, Hitchcock County

Honorable mention

Michael Frederick, DCS; Darian Hutto, Hitchcock County; Dawson Heinzen, Maxwell; Von Fritsche, MHC; Dawson Helmer, Paxton; Ty Duvel, Wauneta-Palisade; Austen Rozelle, Wauneta-Palisade.

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