Younger Bison bounce past Lex

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

LEXINGTON, Neb. — Adam Dugger’s 16 points helped drop Lexington into a big hole and McCook seventh-graders went to the 39-24 “A” team vicory on Monday.

The Bison buried Lex with a 28-10 first half. They led 19-8 through just one quarter.

McCook maintained its strong advantage at 35-16 entering the final period.

Lexington did salvage a 1-1-1 split of the three basketball games.

McCook’s “B” team dropped a 19-14 contest even though Lucas Gomez-Wilson scored seven points.

The Bison “C” team played to a 16-16 tie as Hayden Norgaard netted half that point total with eight.

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