Now 'Outlaws 1882 Saloon,' former Club Paradise plans new theme, events

Friday, January 19, 2018
'Outlaws" is now open on West B in McCook.
Gene O. Morris/McCook Gazette

McCOOK, Neb., As a tribute to the rough and rowdy ways of the Old West, the name of the drinking establishment at 1006 West B Street has been changed to the Outlaws 1882 Saloon.

Shar Laverack, who owns the saloon with her husband, Luke, came up with the name because of her fascination with the early days of the Old West, when outlaws like Jesse James and Billy the Kid gained legendary status with their daring — but deadly — actions.

The Laveracks linked the Outlaw theme with 1882 because that was the year of McCook’s founding as a pioneering railroad town.

“We will be making lots of changes in the weeks and months to come,” said the Laveracks. This will include putting up a series of wanted posters of notorious outlaws and adding early day pictures from McCook’s settlement days.

Outlaws 1882 Saloon will be adding more live music events and hosting special events for area biker clubs, including Sinners Sanctified, the Dead Buffalo, High Plains Drifters and the Trailsmen, Shar and Luke said.

The saloon has also adopted a new slogan: “Outlaws: Where You Are the Most Wanted.”

The Laveracks acquired the drinking establishment in May of 2016 from Blaine Budke. It was formerly known as Club Paradise.

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