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The best busy ever

Thursday, September 28, 2017

“Oh my gosh, we’ve just been soooo busy and just go, go, go lately!” says the smiling mom standing a few rows down from me at the football game while talking to an acquaintance that asked how she’d been lately. I had arrived early and was sitting there patiently waiting for the game to start, zoning off into space and enjoying 20 minutes of peace with hardly anyone around. The mom was probably my close to my age but sure looked a whole heck of a lot cuter than me, and was dressed like she stepped out of a trendy online catalog. Her makeup was spot on and her haircut would put any mom to shame. Due to my location, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on her conversation and as pretty as she was, I couldn’t help but watch her and compare myself, thinking how awful I probably looked. I barely had time to get home from work, get everyone what they needed and then bust over to the game early enough to claim a good seat. So that being said, I sat there with my wrinkly, too many years old with holes in them cargo shorts, flip-flops, and a plain Jane, long t-shirt to help hide the shorts’ holes. The girls took over the bathroom after work, so I threw a comb through my hair and quickly powdered my nose but I couldn’t tell ya if my eye makeup was smeared or my blush was even still on my cheeks.

Like I said, I was just happy to be sitting. Alone. And finally taking a break from another crazy week. As I continued to ponder how hideous I probably appeared compared to the cute mom in front of me, I remembered a question I was asked earlier that week. A friend of mine, who now, for the first time, is experiencing life with two kids in high school sports, had asked me how I manage my life with my busy girls in different sports. Her question made me laugh and stayed on my mind all week as I felt like, for the past 6 weeks, I had been barely keeping my head above water, balancing two kids going two different directions 3-4 times every 7 days. And that doesn’t even include the 10-year-old that ALSO has practices and commitments during those same 7 days. I told my friend she should see my house and maybe that would give her a good indication of how I was balancing life these days. All these thoughts were coming to mind when I was watching that mom continue to describe how busy she was with her high school kid’s sport.

As I continued to rudely eavesdrop, I wondered what “busy” meant to her and why she still looked so darn pretty?

I added it up just for kicks and in the last two weeks I have spent around 45 hours at games, including drive time, in addition to probably another 15 hours with all the late night uniform laundering, snack and drinks preparations, team dinner assistance for two sports and random chiro visits, for the players, not me. It probably appears as if I’m complaining but I’m really not, I just had justified to myself why I look like a walking Zombie and everything sorta hurts all the time. And I wondered if the cute mom forgets what day it is all the time like I do? Probably not….

Oh well, all jealousy aside, I may look like dog meat these days and I may not remember what day it is or forget what town I’m traveling to tomorrow, but like I’ve said before, this is the best “busy” in the whole world! I dearly love this kind of “busy” and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! At least I look death warmed over for a good reason, getting to watch my girls play the sports they love and I will miss it so much when it’s all over.

So please ignore my holey shorts and raccoon eyes and forgive me if I can’t help but laugh when someone asks how I’m doing.

I’m just in the middle of the Best Busy ever right now!

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