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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ah, life in the fast lane. This past week your OLD correspondent celebrated 80 years alive on this green earth. Time to reflect a bit. The first 20 years a time of very rural childhood, school including four tough years at the then new Air Force Academy not fun but worth the effort. The two score years of the ’30s and ’40s, mine, marked marriage — that glorious institution and children a present from God. Great career as an Air Force pilot even including the Vietnam War. More school. Age 50 to 70 a return to the farm which I dearly loved.

Public service — most interesting and fulfilling. Then Corporate flying and teaching students to fly. Children married and off to live a life of their own choosing. Grandchildren arrived and they are the best. During the 70’s more corporate flying and teaching. Watching my former flight students succeed in the Air Force as pilots of fighters, cargo aircraft and tankers (the very same KC-135’s that I flew and loved). Those who chose civilian aviation as crop-dusters, corporate pilots, the airlines, and many just enjoying general aviation for the thrill of it. Our first great grandson.

An especially fulfilling venture is writing this column each week and I do relish the comments it generates both pro and con. We don’t all think alike. Viva la difference.

In all it has been an exciting adventure! This old guy feels greatly blessed. Now into the future as an 80-year-old and hopefully a few years more.

The women of my life, wife Grannie Annie, daughter Nancy and brother-cousin’s wife Dian labored and put together two birthday parties. Friends and family from California to Illinois came to well wish and catch up on our lives. Several came by air, the airline and their own personal aircraft.

We sponsored a Hoyt family reunion to honor our pioneering ancestor Priscilla Bobinmyer Hoyt, Nov 30, 1860, to Nov 10, 1945, my great grandmother. She, age 17 years, and her Civil War veteran husband James came west to homestead south of Culbertson. Grandma Hoyt had one daughter and five sons which lived to be adults and for whom she established large farm holdings. She was definitely the patriarch of the family—nobody made an important decision without first checking with Grandma or Mom as was their status. The family gathered twice a year, Thanksgiving Day to celebrate Grandma’s birthday and New Year’s Day. After her passing at 85 years of age, the family has more or less drifted apart and it was my wish for the cousins to get together again and form closer bonds. Success.

Standing back and looking at the descendants of the Hoyts and Bobinmyers brother-in-law Dale Nielsen reminded us of Harry Strunk’s motto on the former Gazette building. “Service is the rent we pay for the space we occupy in this world.” Dale took note of the family members that have served as teachers, police, firemen, commissioners, legislators and many other public service occupations. The list goes on. None became famous on a grand scale. Just service to our fellow men. Grandma Hoyt left a wonderful legacy, not unlike many other families in our larger community. So many are earning their keep and paying their rent which makes this a wonderful place to live.

I had little idea that there were such a variety of birthday cards, most nice but several poking fun. Then Facebook and Messenger plus email notes all kicked in. Even Rich Barnett had a comment. I loved them all! Thank you, one and all.

Back to life. Wondering who the County will appoint as County Commissioner to serve out Vesta Dack’s term? She did well so thank you Vesta.

I could offer a little advice to Governor Ricketts and the Nebraska Senators who at the moment are in search for more cash to run our State Government. There are two sides to that coin. It isn’t that the state budget doesn’t show enough revenue, just recognize what will be a realistic estimate of the revenue and then trim expenses to not exceed that amount. Make the cuts and press on. I didn’t say it would be easy!

In closing a wise man once said, “A thankful heart enjoys blessings twice — when they’re received and when they’re remembered.” unknown

That is how I saw it.

Dick Trail

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