Students from 19 schools take 520 tests at MCC Inter-High Day

Friday, March 17, 2017
Students from McCook High School display the award for top placing team in the large school division of McCook Community College’s annual Inter-High Day academic competition Wednesday. Hitchcock County and Wauneta-Palisade also claimed top honors in their respective divisions. Students representing 19 area high schools took more than 500 tests for a chance to win $14,000 in scholarships as well as free tuition credits.
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McCOOK, Neb. — Students from three area high schools took home the top academic prizes Wednesday at McCook Community College’s annual inter-high scholastic day competition which included 520 academic tests taken by students representing 19 area high schools.

McCook High school took home first place honors in the large-school division, Southwest High School was second and Sutherland third. Hitchcock County bested Dundy County-Stratton and Arapahoe in Division 2 to claim top honors. Wauneta-Palisade claimed top small school honors with Brady second and Eustis-Farnam third.

“This is one of the largest events we host involving high schools students and they come back year after year to showcase their best and brightest students,” said Kelley Rippen, Area Dean of Enrollment Management for McCook and North Platte Community College.

Grace Koubek of Maywood was one of 520 high school test takers on campus Wednesday from 19 area schools who are part of McCook Community College’s annual Inter-High Day academic competition. Here she is participating in a biology demonstration, one of several program demonstrations conducted by MCC faculty in conjunction with tests in 28 subjects. At stake was more than $14,000 in scholarships as well as free tuition credits.
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“We host year after year so we can make a great impression on them while they are on campus in hopes they will consider us after graduation, or in many cases before for early entry courses,” she said.

Students winning each of the 28 tests receive a $500 scholarship to be used during their freshman year at MCC.

Each student who placed first, second or third in a subject is awarded three free hours of summer tuition.

“This is a great opportunity to allow high school students to see what it really means to be part of the MCC Tribe and how proud we are of what we have to offer,” Rippen said.

Here are the results from the 28 academic tests taken Wednesday:

Accounting – 1. Michaela Jurgens, Brady; 2. Larren Fear, Sutherland; 3. Natalie Boyd, Dundy County-Stratton.

Algebra 1 – 1. Kassidy Kisker, Hitchcock County; 2. Austin Adam, Southwest; 3. Michael Hazen, Medicine Valley.

Algebra 2 – 1. John Lee, Arapahoe; 2. Courtney Hrnchir, Hitchcock County; 3. Alex Porter, Southwest.

American Government/History – 1. Aaron Schaub, Maxwell; 2. Steven Hinze, McCook; 3. Ian York, Southern Valley.

Athletic Training – 1. Ryan Fox, Paxton; 2. Alec May, Southwest; 3. Emery Swan, Brady.

Biology – 1. Madeline Reeves, Southern Valley; 2. Courtney Hrnchir, Hitchcock County; 3. Colton Thompson, Eustis Farnam.

Business Concepts (team event) – 1. Paxton, 2. Southwest, 3. Hitchcock County.

Chemistry – 1. Tzi Martinez, Medicine Valley; 2. Tristan Ragland, Maxwell; 3. Lance Kelley, Southwest.

Engineering – 1. Lance Kelley, Southwest; 2. Cliff O’Dell, McCook, 3. William Kisker, Hitchcock County.

English Composition – 1. Natalie Boyd, Dundy County-Stratton; 2. Taylor Mullen-Beck, Paxton; 3. Ryan Rayburn, Brady.

English Literature – 1. Laynee Merrill, Hitchcock County; 2. Luke Moorhous, McCook; 3. Taylor Mullen-Beck, Paxton.

Family and Consumer Science (team competition) – 1. Perkins County; 2. Southern Valley; 3. Medicine Valley.

Fire Science – 1. J.D. Powell, Dundy County-Stratton; 2. Hope Garcia, McCook; 3. Cole Bingham, Hitchcock County.

General Math – 1. Jacob Woodmancy, Perkins County; 2. Bennett Floyd, Sutherland; 3. Cooper Schutz, Arapahoe.

Geometry – 1. Suzanne Roggenkamp, Southwest; 2. Lake Reikofski, Wauneta-Palisade; 3. Peyton Luedders, Cambridge.

Graphic Design – 1. Taylor Hiett, Wauneta-Palisade; 2. Ashley Krogelund, Southwest; 3. Amanda Hahn, Sutherland.

Health Occupations – 1. Colton Thompson, Eustis-Farnam; 2. Nevada Gardner, Arapahoe; 3. Derek Sis, Perkins County.

Information Technology – 1. Gavin Ginn, Hitchcock County; 2. David White, Dundy County-Stratton; 3. Chris Terry, Perkins County.

Keyboarding – 1. Jessie Freeland, Dundy County-Stratton; 2. Jade Paxton, Sutherland; 3. Libby Empfield, Maxwell.

Marketing (team competition) 1. Southwest; 2. Dundy County-Stratton; 3. Sutherland.

MCC Facts – 1. Kayla Cheever, Sutherland; 2. Sophie Johnson, Hayes Center; 3. Ryan Paterick, Paxton.

Music Instrumental – 1. John Slaby, McCook; 2. Emily Kammerer, Sutherland; 3. Alexus Schievelbein, Arapahoe.

Music Theory – 1. Karlie Sines, Cambridge; 2. Nathan Kemling, Perkins County; 3. Mariah Watson, Arapahoe.

Music Vocal – 1. Lindi Johnson, McCook; 2. Olivia Leising, Arapahoe; 3. Karlie Sines, Cambridge.

Physics – 1. Andrei Muresan, Arapahoe; 2. Luke Moorhous, McCook; 3. Brody Nordhausen, Wauneta-Palisade.

Theater Acting – 1. Hope Rowe, McCook; 2. Derek Monie, Arapahoe; 3. Victoria Norgaard, McCook.

Theater Improvisation (team competition) – 1. McCook; 2. Medicine Valley; 3. Hitchcock County.

Welding – 1. Thatcher Skolout, McCook; 2. Noah Kerchal, Dundy County-Stratton; 3. Ryan Klintworth, Medicine Valley.

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