A difficult proposition

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

For all my childhood memory my folks kept a small herd of milk cows. The milk produced, most often separated into cream, was sold to local dairies to provide most of the grocery money that fed our family.

One bright day, probably when I was about grade school age, I noted seeing a small embryo still enclosed in a placental sac lying in the corral. The miniature Holstein was about four inches long and perfectly formed. When I pointed it out to my father he became immediately concerned. He called the vet and had our herd tested for Bangs disease or more properly Brucellosis. Bangs is a bovine sexually transmitted disease that causes spontaneous abortion in domestic cattle and in bison herds. No treatment is available, which makes detection and prevention essential. Vaccination can prevent the disease but once an animal is infected the only solution, at that time, was to sell the infected animal. Other than the ick factor, the milk of an infected animal is perfectly safe for human consumption if it has been pasteurized. The aborted embryo is, therefore, one symptom of a debilitating disease.

In today's world human abortion has become an accepted practice for a large portion of our society. Willful abortion, now called "choice" the woman's right to choose. To this old guy, the huge number of abortions by choice is a symptom of a real sickness of our modern society. Obviously, as we do in the bovine world there is no vaccination to prevent the sickness and we morally cannot simply dispose of any woman that chooses to terminate her pregnancy by the choice of abortion.

The whole advent of conception, pregnancy and delivery of a healthy human baby is an almost unbelievably complicated process. All too many women suffer spontaneous abortions, the polite euphemism is miscarriage. In your columnist's way of thinking, a miscarriage is God's way of terminating a pregnancy that for some reason has gone awry and may be best for the mother or baby that may not be born healthy. In the vast majority cases of miscarriage, it is a sad event for the couple that was trying to produce a baby. Punishment would not be appropriate.

The Holy Bible, our rule and guide to life is not really a lot of help on the subject as we find in Genesis 2:7

"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."

Therefore in the Old Testament, the indication is that the soul enters the body at our first breath of life. Then we are taught to believe that the soul departs the body with the last breath. Nice concise definition, but it doesn't address the event of abortion to terminate a pregnancy before the baby to be has drawn its first breath.

Again we can turn to Jeremiah 1:5 English Standard Version (ESV)

5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,

and before you were born I consecrated you;

I appointed you a prophet to the nations."

That may be where the Pope, and a huge following, unequivocally believes that life begins at conception. If life begins when the first two cells combine then willful abortion (choice) is therefore a deadly sin and cannot be condoned. Yet we would not want to imply that a woman that suffers a miscarriage, spontaneous abortion, has committed a great sin and instead deserves our compassion. Complicated and difficult.

Abortion can only be a personal decision. Christianity is a guide to our lives and may help that decision. In no way should government be involved nor should liberal elites who would impress their decisions in the matter, pro or con, on those they consider beneath their station in life.

Moral or immoral (as in sinful) abortion in America is but a symptom of a sickness in our society today. The nuclear family, married mom and dad raising children has been the strength of society for millennia. A good first step would be defunding Planned Parenthood a major facilitator of abortions today. Progressives of today push for same-sex marriage, encourage the transgender movement, unmarried couples living together producing children and even encourage such actions by giving more welfare benefits to singles than married couples. The sad list goes on.

What can you and I do about the growing problem of broken society in America? Your old columnist can only offer suggestions: Join a church and attend regularly. Raise your children to be God fearing individuals with a moral foundation found in Christianity. Remember that Jesus came to offer forgiveness to those that have sinned and vow to sin no more and so should we. I also adamantly charge each time you vote to vote only for those candidates that have lived a moral life and will hold those principles in sacred trust when holding elected office.

That is the way I saw it.

Dick Trail

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