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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Oh this presidential election campaign is getting to be fun. Poor Hillary the bottom has fallen out. Not sure that the latest revelations will cause her to lose the election as the polls, most of them, show her still ahead, but either way, whether she wins or loses there will be blood on the water.

Still this pundit can only feel that Mrs. Clinton can rightfully blame only herself for the predicament that she is in. Straight up her decision to have a separate "private" email server can only be because she wanted to shelter from public view her corrupt dealings to enrich Clinton pockets. Then putting classified material on a private server, unrelated to her job as Secretary of State, was out and out illegal. She had the briefings on use and protection of classified material but being Hillary evidently disregarded it as not applicable to her. This from a gent that formerly had a Top Secret clearance and remembers the strict rules about using classified materials. Careless handling and misunderstanding is no defense. You do the deed you pay the price and intent is no excuse.

The mess that the election is in today brings up a detail that has been troubling to me and that is the issue of early voting. Yes I understand and have used the absentee balloting system in long time use during the 25 years that I spent in the military. It seems that today way too many people do early voting as a matter of convince to avoid the trouble of standing in line or even going to a polling station to vote on election day.

Evidently millions of persons in the U.S. have already voted and with the new revelations about Secretary Clinton stand up possibly would have changed from marking the X by Clinton's name to Trump. I feel voting on Election Day unless unavoidably absentee is a better practice.

Living in Nebraska with only our three statewide electoral votes is a bit discouraging. Really we in actuality have very little say about who gets elected president.

Still it would be troubling to look back from the future and know that you had the bad judgement to vote for a proven crook. For sure though Grannie Annie and I will be early at our polling place, staffed by friendly neighbors, to cast our vote for our next President. Hope to see you there.

Speaking of Grannie Annie her upcoming Adopt a Chaplain Christmas mailing to our deployed soldiers is going well. I'm constantly amazed at the generosity of this community. This week she received a call from a lady in Louisiana intending to send items to pack in boxes. She has received contributions from residents in Kansas, South Dakota and Texas also and maybe I missed a few other locations as well. You are a generous giving community and it swells my chest with pride to live in our little corner of paradise.

Several days ago I received a communication from the wife of a college classmate. She detailed how her husband was fighting a long time battle with cancer. The first treatment for the disease was successful for a time but it came back with a vengeance. The second treatment did not go so well and was terminated though my friend is still of sound mind. The prognosis only a few short weeks to live. It stabbed my heart so I emailed the following:


Hello R.L.,

Dusty here AKA R.L

So life isn't fair! Here I am as healthy as a horse as we approach the age of 80 and you, I hear, are approaching the end of the Trail (had to slip that in). Heck of a deal but reminiscing a bit reminds that you have been there before.

I remember your last mission. Then you were scooting out of North Vietnam, shot up, losing fuel and begging for a tanker. Wish I'd been there and could have slipped ahead of you and pumped you some tanker gas. It wasn't to be and your F-4 simply flamed out from fuel starvation just behind somebody else's boom.

That had to have been a moment like you are facing at the moment. The hook of fate is set. Eject then into the dark and not knowing what awaits. Enemy dark waters and hopefully rescue by Navy helo. That time it worked.

Here you are now faced with about the same dark choice. None of us know what is on the other side when we breathe our last and eject into the unknown. My Christian faith teaches that it will come out alright and be even better than this life. There comes the time when we just have no choice.

I well remember reading of your ejection and rescue in a visit to intelligence next day. A day or so later we were fragged to loiter in the north portion of the Gulf of Tonkin to provide tanker fuel 24/7 for the high cover aircraft orbiting over the Navy in the Gulf. Red Crown was directing operations so I asked the controller if they had a guest on board. His reply, "Sure do and we have to get him out of here because he is eating us out of house and home". Oh it was a great relief to me to know that you were safe and being taken good care of even if spiced by a bit of humor.

I still share that special bond with you my friend even though our paths have seldom crossed as we pursued our lives. We have both lived well and I have no regrets about what lies ahead.

Love you man!

Dusty Trail

That is how I saw it.

Dick Trail

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    Mr. Trail,

    Since you seem to always be the expert on all things political, I am somewhat surprised that in your article you state that Nebraska has 3 electoral votes in the electoral college. Perhaps a typo, but the last time I checked and it's been this way for many years, Nebraska has 5 (five) electoral college votes, one for each Senator and one for each Representative. I might also add that we are one of only 2 states that split the votes according to the popular vote in each congressional district.

    Oh I know that really sits in the craw of the republicans that a darn democrat could pickup a vote from the 2nd Congressional district. This year who knows maybe even 2 with the way your boy has belittled women, minorities, and the disabled, among many others.

    I was about to ask where you got the information that the bottom has fallen out for Clinton, then I remembered you surely only watch Faux News, the unfair and totally unbalanced news station, well unless you are republican.

    Yes, they found emails on that laptop that Wiener had access to, but unless you have inside information it has not been determined if anything illegal or otherwise has been found, but there again your boy lied through his teeth about them. But the truth has never been anything that the Trumpster has been known for. And he calls her lying Hillary, kind of calling the kettle black isn't it?

    Early voting, why not? It is not that much different than absentee voting. I imagine there are many people that have to work election day and can not get to the polls. For someone that tells everyone to vote, early voting allows some that would otherwise not be able to vote, to vote!

    I also wondering what are your feelings if it is true that the Donald is "in bed" with Putin and the Russians? Then what? Also I have a six foot painting of the Trumpster I would like to sell, why don't you contribute to the Trumpster's foundation so he call buy it........

    -- Posted by fit2btied on Tue, Nov 1, 2016, at 6:56 PM
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