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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Excitement at our house! Grannie Annie's Adopt A Chaplain program is going together nicely. "Her" soldiers will have care packages, from this generous community of Southwest Nebraska, in time for Christmas. She, and that is a collective we, will be sending fifty some of the large postal flat rate boxes packed to the brim and including hand-written Christmas cards to each of four Chaplains. All are assigned to far-flung rather austere locations in the Mid-East, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries in turmoil.

Grannie Annie protests that she is only the hands and feet of the operation and that it is the YOU that makes her mission of love and caring so successful over these past ten years and counting. For the first-time she is sending to a Chaplain who has temporarily left his congregation in Nebraska to serve deployed overseas with the Kansas National Guard. She has asked to be assigned a Chaplain from Nebraska for years and voila this one leads a church in Cambridge when he is at home. "Ask and ye shall receive" but sometimes it takes a while.

We happened to be close so Grannie Annie and I stopped by the hospital in Kearney where Kip Johnson was recovering from injuries suffered in a head-on car wreck. The other driver zonked on drugs swerved across the centerline to hit him and there is more to that story. Kip was in great spirits, happily jousting with the nurses and improving rapidly enough to be discharged and back home Saturday to recover with his Penny who was also injured in the incident.

Then on to Lincoln and the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital last Thursday to spread a little more cheer on friends. Now retired big farmer and sometimes critic of local McCook city government Claude Cappel, who with his wife Delores, was in a terrible recent auto accident we found both to be in good spirits. Delores had been released from rehab care but was present to just lend a positive attitude to her improving husband. Claude's severed spinal cord has consigned him to probable lower body paralysis for the rest of his life. His inspiring comment was "I'm sure glad that it didn't happen ten or fifteen years ago." Good point!

I'm reminded of a sermon quote from David Nystrom, provost of Biola University. "Your destination is not so much determined by your intentions but by who gives us our directions." It is amazing how one's life, yours or mine, can change in a blink of an eye.

Ivan Schmid, long-time mover and shaker in the McCook community was happy to see us. Ivan rehabbing from a fall and concussion needs our prayers.

We missed McCook's current Post Mistress, Kelly who was just checking in about the same time we left our friends there in that inspiring place of miracles.

Madonna, we must pause to reflect, is sponsored in its good work by the Catholic Church. That is the same Catholic Church suffering much vitriol, recently exposed, within the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Yeah, the old foggy church stuck in Middle Ages thinking. How can the church be against modern-day liberal thinking of state-paid abortion on whim, same-sex marriage, rampant homosexuality -- you know, the way of those enlightened folk that have good feelings and care?

Here the Church sponsors the dynamic curative restoration of a myriad folk that have suffered physical tragedies in life, no questions asked just care for our fellow human. Faith in action. I know for which way of life I will be casting my vote.

And, yes, this presidential campaign is wearing thin. The acrimony we see daily on TV has gotten old. It cannot come to an end any time too soon. I pray for the future of this troubled nation.

That is the way I saw it.

Dick Trail

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