Letter to the Editor

Wasteful recall

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dear Editor,

My name is Albert (Gene) Jolly from Stratton, Neb., and I would like to comment on your article in the McCook Gazette last week concerning the recall election of Marlene Bedore, the Hitchcock County Assessor.

Voters of Hitchcock County do NOT realize what a waste of time, energy and money this has been to us as taxpayers.

It is a slap in my face and all who voted for Marlene in the 2014 election. This boils down to the petition carriers being mad just because their person got beat!

From the beginning the Hitchcock County News started badgering the Assessor and now they look just like Washington D.C. The deplorable manners in this ordeal reminds me of Hillary and folks you should know better than to act like this.

This is a ridiculous waste of government money! How much has it cost us? If the state is watching what she does and retraining her; how could she do anything more if, in fact, she has done anything wrong at all! Are the Commissioners Presidents of every County office?

One would think the County Commissioners would have more pressing things to do with their time than to harass the Assessor.

If you voted for her before, be sure and get out and vote NO to keep her in office. I have watched this unfold and she has worked like crazy to get work done that has been ignored by the State and the County Board.

If she gets voted out; the state will be in control of that office. They can't even run the state right! Just last week the state reported a shortfall of 7 million dollars. The prison reform is going to cost state taxpayers another 15 million dollars.

Who do you think will pay for the expense of our County Assessor's office? Hitchcock County taxpayers! We will get a bill, several of them. Look at the folks that have been busted for meth and other drugs in the County; we will pay for their attorneys, doctor bills and who knows what else. Now the recall of the elected Assessor, who values the property to pay for everything in the County including the drug busts, is being scrutinized. WAKE UP HITCHCOCK COUNTY!

Albert (Gene) Jolly

Stratton, Neb.

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