Pep rally returns

Thursday, September 15, 2016
Lorri Sughroue/McCook Gazette

High school students filled Norris Park Wednesday afternoon, showing their school spirit at the first community pep rally downtown in about 10 years. Pep rallies during Spirit Week used to be on the corner of C Street and Norris Avenue; that fell by the wayside when it was moved to the high school gym. The McCook High School band started things off by playing the Bison fight song, while students assembled at the park. This was followed by performances from the MHS cheerleaders and dance team and brief speeches from fall sports coaches. MHS principal Jeff Gross said that he hoped at future pep rallies, the park would be filled with members of the community and that it was up to the seniors to lead the way for underclassmen in showing school spirit. Also at the rally, students from freshmen to senior classes tried to be the loudest in the "Go, fight, win" chant competition, with the pep rally closing with another rousing rendition of the school song, "On McCook High," played by the MHS band. Showing their school pride with the Bison mascot (cross country runner Taye Collicott) are, first row from left, Kacee Samway and Faith Hansen. Back, Lauren Koetter, Katie Kjendal, Collicott and Lexi Gross. Seniors leading students in the "We Are One" school chant took the stage near the end of the rally. A bonfire is scheduled tonight south of the high school track at 8:15.

Lorri Sughroue/McCook Gazette
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