Whatever floats your boat

Monday, July 6, 2015
Connie Jo Discoe/McCook Gazette

Competitors in the cardboard boat contest on the Fourth of July in Arapahoe, Nebraska, discover what floats their boats -- or doesn't -- in the Arapahoe public pool Saturday afternoon. Cord Frink (above) learned that his and Reilley Einspahr's "Patriot" boat was hard to handle in the water, while the "Red-White-and-Blue" boat of Danielle and Rylee Eidson puttered along quite easily and won the "Chuck Norris Championship." The "Titanic" award for the most spectacular sinking went to "The Duct Boat" of Jadan Schulz and Hannah Whitson. "Nice Try" went to "The Thingee" of Alexus and Leon Schievelbein. "Team Spirit" was awarded to "The Mouseketeers" boat piloted by Melonie Meyers and Morgan Deisley. Winning "Great Design" was "The Patriot" of Frink and Einspahr.

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