Lame duck

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Well finally the mid-term election is over. Mary Landrieu went down in flames so now she can live in peace at her multi-million dollar home in Washington D.C. No more having to check in at the Senate for instruction by President Obama to see how to vote for the good of her long ignored Louisiana constituents.

I was interested to note that one news commentator observed that fully 30 of the 60 senators that voted for Obamacare will no longer be in the U.S. Senate after the first of the year. I don't know if the "no longer there" 30 includes our own Honorable Ben Nelson. Senator Landrieu, Ben's co-conspirator in the Obamacare deal could have taken a lesson from her fellow Democrat from Nebraska and declined to run for reelection. Obviously Ben read the writing on the wall that his key role in passing Obamacare was not popular with the voters back home and wisely chose not to run again. Besides that his present million dollar a year insurance job pays better anyhow.

Gene Budig called recently and after a short visit, I consider him a long time friend, promised to send me a book he had written about Senator George Norris. Gene grew up in the house next door to Grannie and my present home. We share a mutual admiration for Frank Morrison. Gene was the Governor's chief of staff.

Years later after he was long retired I was privileged to have several long conversations with Governor Frank. At that time he was living at Hillcrest Nursing Home while both his wife Maxine and my mother were patients there. Obviously Frank and I held divergent views of politics me the conservative and he of long time liberal, or progressive, persuasion. Frank, ever of sound mind, told me why he had become a liberal in politics and I suspect that Gene's life of Norris will make the same argument. It will be fun to read with an open mind.

I'm more than a little concerned with the Democrats latest move in the lame duck session of our Senate. Evidently there is a move afoot to expose the workings of the CIA to the world, friends and enemies alike. Harry Reid(D) with the concurrence of President Obama (D) is working a bill that will cause the CIA to release a record of their methods of interrogation of captured enemy combatants.

Bad idea. Some workings of our intelligence agencies like the making of sausage are better kept from exposure to the public eye. It is better for you, me, and the rest of the world if we are not exposed to the inner workings of the black world.

It has been tried before when the Church Commission, Frank Church (D) released similar data in 1975 and put the clamps on the sharing of intelligence between our domestic spy agency, the FBI, and the CIA which is primarily set up to collect foreign intelligence. One of the results of that misguided action was the fact that we had no knowledge of the activities of a gent named Osama Bin Laden and missed the signals that his Islamic extremist group of al-Qaeda disciples were training to fly airliners into the World Trade Towers, the Pentagon and most likely the U.S. Capital building. Yes 9/11.

Understand that I am no big fan of the CIA although I do recognize that the men and women of the organization are true American patriots who many times put their lives on the line to protect the interests of the United States. My concern is that they also form commando type units that go out and conduct operations more properly the purview of our military. It was a military Seal team that properly made the raid into Pakistan and took care of Osama Bin Laden using no doubt intelligence that was gathered by CIA operatives. It was also a CIA team that was in Benghazi, Libya working some kind of arms trade deal that Hillary's State Department assumed would protect Ambassador Chris Stevens but didn't. Never explained to the public was why that CIA team was there in Benghazi in the first place and what they were doing.

Again I have no need to know why that team of CIA operatives were in Libya that night our Ambassador was murdered but their masters in the Obama administration darn well should have known and should have kept a tight reign on them. Maybe they did and maybe they didn't but the end result did not cast our beloved country in a very good light.

Now the democrat majority in the Senate, in a pique probably from losing a big election, are again trying to cause great damage to the CIA. January can't come soon enough to shut down this lame duck session of congress.

That is the way I saw it.

Dick Trail

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