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Brain needs a tune-up

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Is there anyone else out there that feels like they're inside a pinball machine, being bounced around from here to there and having the ever living sense knocked outta ya every now and then?

Maybe it's the change of weather or the hustle and bustle of school, sports and work, but that's what I've felt like that last few months. I've complained in the past that I'm losing my marbles but I'm pretty sure it's not age related, just my life and the fact that my brain thinks it needs to tackle everything all at once which in turn makes me fumble around acting like an idiot and looking like a buffoon.

Twice in the last week, I took off to pick up kids after school and drove to the wrong school. This is a routine I do every afternoon for over 9 months out of the year, Elementary first, Jr High second and High School only on special days, but nope, twice I drove all the way to the Jr. High then realized it was 3:30 and my youngest was still waiting at the Elementary. Each time I wondered, what in tarnation was going through my brain during that 5 minute drive to the wrong school building?

What about the fact that almost every other morning, I get to work and wonder if I put deodorant on or second guess if I actually brushed my teeth or just made my toothbrush up? Some mornings I put deodorant on twice before we leave for school because I don't recall if I did or didn't put it on earlier that morning. Extra fresh, I guess! Why do I make a point to fix me up a snack and water and tall mug of coffee, only to leave it sitting on the counter as we drive out of the driveway? A lot of good it does at home for 8 hours.

The worst is a month ago, forgetting the Orthodontist appointment I'd made for my daughter, rescheduling it after apologizing for my mistake, and then this month forgetting it again! Holy cow! I'm sure that office thinks I'm half loopy.

Or like last night, forgetting that dance class was cancelled for the week, even though I'd been sent two reminders AND wrote it on the calendar, then driving all the way down there, parking and getting out and seeing the "No Dance Class" sign on the front door and finally remembering that they were cancelled. I make my daughter change clothes and rush off early for no reason, when she could have enjoyed her snack and cartoon. What a weirdo!

Plus, what says "fun" more than making lots of unneeded trips around town. As if I don't drive around town like a taxi enough, why not add a bunch of wasted trips and take up more of my precious time. What's also fun is making extra stops at the grocery store because I can't seem to read my entire list. Last week I went to the store in the evening for Halloween party supplies and food for my work potluck, basically 7 items. I return home with 5 of the items, forgetting the potluck food. Are you kidding me? Two general things, party supplies and potluck food and I, not only go through the whole check out process, but drive all the way home and walk in the door before I realize I didn't buy my food.

What a ditz! All I can say, it's a darn good thing I'm not an Air Traffic Controller or in any position where every move I make is crucial to the lives of others.

It's apparent my brain hasn't been running on all cylinders lately so I think I'm in need of a tune up! Better hurry before holidays hit, or I may be a REAL mess!

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