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Tuesday, October 28, 2014
New Frontier Ag has sold and delivered machinery to states as far away as Washington and Florida, plus many points in between. The nationwide marketing success is the result of New Frontier Ag's high standards for the equipment it sells. "We market farm equipment that still looks new and, in most cases, is still under factory warranty," said Owner Sam O'Toole. The home office for the nationwide marketing business is a 5,000 square foot building located at 705 North Highway 83 in McCook.

McCOOK, Nebraska - After years of working with the leading farmers and ranchers in the Golden Plains, Sam O'Toole saw the need for a nationwide service offering premium equipment to ag producers. As a result - after forming alliances with Tractor House and Ag Direct - O'Toole launched a new business, called New Frontier Ag, to offer top quality farm machinery to farmers throughout the nation.

The idea not only worked. It worked exceedingly well. Producers like to buy quality equipment along with a professional sales experience.

"From the start, New Frontier Ag has set really high standards for the equipment we offer for sale and rental," O'Toole said. "Very quickly, we found out our equipment created more sales in geographical areas. Once the neighbor saw one of our customers with a near new tractor, they wanted to buy from us as well to get that top quality equipment," he said.

O'Toole explained, "It takes a lot of forward planning and strict standards, but the efforts are worth it. We purchase local farm equipment that still looks new and, in most cases, is still under factory warranty. We try to purchase equipment with 300 hours of use or lower. We make sure most have factory extended warranty as well. Our equipment is inspected, serviced, washed, waxed and detailed before it is sold to a customer. We do this for prices that are tens of thousands of dollars below the price of new machinery."

Although New Frontier Ag has been in business for only two years, the business has attracted a number of repeat customers, with farmers and other equipment dealers calling on New Frontier Ag numerous times to fill equipment needs.

"We always try to keep the most sought-after models," O'Toole said. "The hot item right now is loader tractors since the cattle market is doing well. We have many of them in stock."

To maintain top notch equipment, many of the units are placed in a huge storage facility near Champion in Chase County. This allows scores of tractors and other equipment to be stored inside, out of the elements.

The widespread reach of the company would not have been possible until the advent of the Internet, Now, the New Frontier Ag premium product message is carried to all parts of the country through the New Frontier Ag website as well as the TractorHouse website. "We have sold and delivered machinery to states as far away as Washington and Florida, plus many points in between," O'Toole said. An added bonus for New Frontier Ag customers is O'Toole's vast knowledge and 16 years of ag financing experience, He will design financing packages that works for your operation, be it a specially designed lease or a low rate note, whichever fits your business the best. With the added resources of Ag Direct and local banks, New Frontier Ag is confident they will design the best financing package for your operation.

Through the interaction with ag producers and dealers, assessing local equipment needs, the young ag machinery sales company has taken on three new equipment lines. The products, which O'Toole regards as among the best in the business, are: Summers Tillage Equipment; Rhino landscaping equipment; and Grouser Dozers.

Excited about both the quality and effectiveness of the Summers, Rhino and Grouser lines, the New Frontier Ag leader spoke specifically about the advantages:

Summers makes one of the best Vertical Tillage Machines on the market today. The Summers SuperCoulter Plus provides for even greater management of excessive field residue in no-till or minimum till farming operations."

'Rhino Equipment includes premium heavy-duty rotary cutters, rear blades and many other landscaping equipment products. New Frontier Ag is currently having a fall sale on rotary cutters, with the best prices of the year available right now."

Grouser Dozers are the best built, longest lasting Agricultural dozers on the market today. They have great lifting clearance height with the tallest blades in the industry that can push more silage than the competition." Grouser also builds many skid steer attachments and tracks for skid steers.

Another growing part of New Frontier Ag's business is the rental programs it offers. "This is becoming an increasing segment of our business," O'Toole said, pointing out that New Frontier Ag rents all sizes of tractors on a monthly or long-term basis. "The rental program can tide a farmer over during a short-term busy stretch, or, through the rent-to-own option, it enables the customer to rent the equipment while deciding if it is right for his operation."

In conclusion, O'Toole points out that, "As the used farm equipment market becomes more volatile, many dealers do not want to take equipment on trade. New Frontier Ag helps Ag Producers sell their used equipment. We have nationwide advertising on the Internet through TractorHouse and our own website, along with many print publications to promote quality, used equipment to a large customer base. And that's just the start. We also do market research and let ag producers know what their equipment is worth and what it should sell for in the current market."

To find out more, Sam invites ag producers to contact him. You may call him at 308-340-8989; e-mail him at; or come see him in person at the New Frontier Ag office, located in a remodeled, 5,000 square foot building at 705 North Highway 83 in McCook. Their web site is

Quality equipment and professional, low pressure sales experience. O'Toole learned the importance of those principles while working with the leading ag producers in the Golden Plains, and now he's carrying the message to the rest of America.

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