Turkey trauma

Thursday, October 9, 2014

As a busy mom, Hubby and I don't get the chance to spend a lot of alone time together so when we do, I look forward to it. Last Friday, he and I had to go to some mandatory all-day meetings out of town for our jobs, and it worked out just so, that we would be traveling just the two of us the day. We got up extra early, made each other some coffee, jumped in my truck and set out for a peaceful road trip to a neighboring town. One hour to visit and catch up, even have a full conversation without one single interruption from the backseat, or have little ears eavesdropping on every word we say. How pleasant!

The universe seemed at peace that morning, as we coasted down the two lane highway, chatting and enjoying the beautiful Nebraska sunrise. My kids were all taken care of, my house was tidy, my plan for work was prepared and ready for the day and my truck, which I dearly love like a comfortable pair of old shoes, was clean as a whistle for a change, since I'd spent hours earlier that week making it all shiny and new. Our coffee was hot and perfectly sweetened, the weather cool and crisp and I was purely content as we drove along chatting about nothing in particular.

A half hour later, we see them, two big and brave turkeys standing at the bottom of the hill, in the narrow strip between the guard rail and white line of the road. The car in the front of us scared the birds further out into the pavement. The driver swerved right and left barely missing each of them, but made it safely and continued off ahead of us. You'd a thought by that time, the birds would have realized that they had made a poor decision by standing so close to those large moving objects whizzing by them and get the heck outta dodge, but no, they must have panicked and froze or something because they remained in the open road right in front of us.

Hubby had basically three choices at that point. Hit the guard rail, swerve into the oncoming lane ... OR smush the turkeys. He went with the latter and although he tried to slow down, he ran head-on into the birds. Now I thought we'd be running over them, like a squirrel yet bigger. I expected a good jolt but we got instead was a flying surprise. Turkey #1 went under the truck but Turkey #2 decided at the last second that maybe he should fly away after seeing his buddy go under ... another poor decision on his part. Up he flies, BAM ... right smack into the driver's side of the windshield, immediately destroying the window and showering Hubby with glass.

It sounded like a goshdarn cow hit the window! I had NO idea our 20- or 30-pound feathered friend would hit our truck with such force. We quickly pulled over and after ensuring that Hubby was uninjured, my next emotion was pure anger. Anger at that dumb turkey for ruining not only my peaceful morning, but stealing my quality time with Hubby and then at the very most, destroying my clean truck!

Of course I was thankful that we were both safe and I know it could have been way worse but dang that bird! Friday's are supposed to be good days, fun days and here he and his buddy decided to dork around on the side of the highway for kicks and giggles and ruin it all. Guess that didn't work out too well for him, huh?

Anyway, everyone has teased us since, that we got our Thanksgiving turkey early or "poor turkey," well, I tell ya what. I may have a hard time eating turkey at Thanksgiving this year without reliving our Turkey Trauma!

Sure will think twice when I see those birds hanging around from now on. They can ruin your good day!

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