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Wishy washy weather

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I was just wondering if someone could tell me what season we're in or perhaps what state I live in, because I've been thoroughly confused. Gosh, is it winter or is it spring? Oh wait, maybe it's summer? I don't know because it's all occurred in the same darn day. At 6 a.m. it's a frigid 36 degrees outside but by dinner time it might be balmy 85 degrees. Hmm? Confused much?

Do I send a light jacket with my kids to school or do I send their parkas? One day I think I about did. My poor 7 year old's backpack was loaded with spring jackets, down vests, sandals and boots. Shoulda thrown in the sunscreen and maybe her wool socks, just in case. As we ventured off to my middle daughter's softball tournaments this last month, I wasn't sure what to pack in the truck. Everything from blankets and winter coats, to bug spray and water fans. Come to the game wrapped up like Alaskans and leave looking like beach bums....or more like sunburnt Alaskans.

I'm struggling at home too because I'm one of those switch your closet by season chics and I haven't had any proven justification yet to move all my winter stuff out but on the other hand, it's been so nice on some days that I had to pull in some short sleeve gear. Now my poor closet looks all a mess with sweaters squished beside sleeveless dress shirts and winter boots intertwined with flip flops. Plus, another beef of mine is I washed up all our coats and hats and gloves months ago and packed them all away, "assuming" winter is over and light jackets would suffice. Oh, Heaven's no! I think I've got more use out of my winter coat in the past month then I did half the winter.

This has GOT to stop! I can't live with this moody, wishy washy weather. Always wearing layers and still driving around with gloves and scarfs in my backseat cause ya never know when the rain might change to snow. It's absurd and my patience has done died! If it's gonna be hot, then for crying out loud, be hot. If we're gonna have Spring for the next two months, so be it. Just be consistent, will ya?

Man! Some days I'm not sure if I wasn't a little too eager to put away the Christmas decorations? Coulda maybe enjoyed those for a few more months. Sure felt like Christmas some weeks. I finally bought flowers for outside my house but only after several pre-attempts, only to see the forecast was freezing temperatures so I backed out. Those poor babies are outside now though and I'm praying all they're subjected to is some good hard rain and no below zero temps.

Anyway, it's been warmer this week, but it's done that to me before then laughed and changed it' mind on me when I wasn't ready so I'm not very trusting at this point. Prove it, weather! Prove you're done messing around with us and making my closet feel like it lives in two worlds. Enough is enough! And I'm not even going to mention the dumb wind. That's a whole other gripe so c'mon weather, pick a side, pick a season and stick to it! We'd all appreciate it!

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