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Mistake or choice?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

So I read on the computer the other day a catchy life phrase "You can't make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it's not a mistake, it's a choice." I had to laugh. Yes that applies in a few cases, but mostly none in my case.

For instance, as I've mentioned in the past, I made the mistake of putting my truck in reverse with the back hatch wide open. Well, I did it again last week while balancing 100 different to-do's. Did I "choose" to do it? NO, I most certainly did not! It was the same dumb mistake done twice because I'm a crazy-brained mom but definitely not a choice.

Over the years I've probably locked my keys in my vehicle at least twenty times. After the first time, did I think to myself, "Hmm, I believe I'll throw these keys on the seat, lock the doors and then slam them shut. That'll make for a fun afternoon!" No, I did not. I, in no way, CHOSE to lock my keys in my vehicle so I could waste two hours of my life and $40 out of my bank account. Not a choice, but a mistake, done over and over and over.

When I make a trip to the grocery store for a specific item, only to return home with 50 other things I realized we needed and not that particular item I went for, that's a mistake. However, I manage to do that a lot. Do I like taking time out of my week to make multiple trips to the grocery store, only to remember the desperately needed item on by the 3rd trip? Absolutely not! I despise going to the grocery store! I consider it a major chore in life, like shoveling snow or something, so yes, I make that mistake a lot, but no, I don't subconsciously do it so I can make yet another exhausting trip to the store. Not a choice, just happens.

How many times have I stubbed my toe or burnt my arm on the iron or slammed my finger in a door? Several. Are they mistakes? Totally. Have I done them repeatedly? Most definitely. Do I secretly choose to? Do I, for some twisted reason, enjoy a busted pinky toe or blistering welt on my forearm, especially while I'm trying to balance laundry, fixing dinner and helping kids with homework? I'm pretty sure the answer is NO!

I KNOW I didn't "choose" to waltz into the men's restroom instead of the women's, something I've done more than twice in my lifetime. And I know for sure, I didn't mean sit on my sunglasses, crushing them into a pretzel, which I've done many a time, and I'm for certain I didn't choose to take a big swig from my kids' drink cups when they were sick, another moron move on my part, how and why is beyond me but it's happened at least twice. These aren't "choices", just idiotic mistakes. Just flighty, scatterbrained mistakes on my part, not well thought out choices, chosen because I enjoy embarrassing myself by barging into men's restroom, or that not wearing sunglasses would be way more comfortable in the summer sun, or because I thought I might enjoy the stomach flu I'd get from sharing my kids germ-infested cups.

Maybe this little life phrase doesn't apply to busy moms. Or maybe it was one of those accident prone, "mistake" days when I read it, I don't remember but I do remember finding it quite humorous and certainly not applicable in my case!

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