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Monday, October 28, 2013
Partners at Southwest Nebraska Physical Therapy include, from left, Dave Carfield, Adam Cribelli, Paul Sheets, and Chris Urbom.

As they approach 100 years of combined service to this region, the partners who guide and direct Southwest Nebraska Physical Therapy are joining to pay tribute to the people and communities they serve.

"We are appreciative of all the support we have received," said the partners. "Since we pooled our resources to form Southwest Nebraska Physical Therapy in 2001, the number of people we serve has continued to increase, requiring us to nearly double the size of our staff during the past 12 years."

Southwest Nebraska is a fitting title for the physical therapy partners as they have a close connection to the area. Three of the four -- Chris Urbom, Adam Cribelli and Dave Carfield -- grew up in this area and returned to serve after receiving their physical therapy educations. The fourth partner, Paul Sheets, has made this region his home, coming here with his family 21 years ago to begin his professional physical therapy career.

Facilities at the Arapahoe clinic

Today, Southwest Nebraska Physical Therapy's practice touches lives throughout the region.

With clinics in Arapahoe, Cambridge, McCook and Oxford, Southwest Nebraska Physical Therapy provides close-to-home service for the region's residents. In addition, the staff of 21 reaches out to give personal service at nursing homes, schools and home health agencies throughout the region.

Southwest Nebraska Physical Therapy also benefits from the state-of-the-art equipment and services at Community Hospital's Rehabilitation Center in McCook. Completed six and a half years ago, the facilities increased opportunities for aquatic therapy, wound care, sports injury treatment, orthopedic care and a variety of other physical therapy procedures.

Physical therapy's impact on quality of life has increased dramatically in the past quarter of a century, with the growth of therapy providers in Southwest Nebraska mirroring the increase throughout the nation. "Through physical therapy, we touch the lives of all ages, ranging from the very young to the very oldest," the partners said.

Because of the far-reaching impact, the partners have made it a priority to be actively involved in their communities and in the area, with the therapists often on hand at football games and other community activities.

Their wives and husband also fulfill important roles. Adam Cribelli's wife, Lori, is a kindergarten teachers in Cambridge; Dave Carfield's wife, Chris, is a respiratory therapist at McCook's Community Hospital; Paul Sheets' wife, Jodi, is the office manager for Southwest Nebraska Physical Therapy; and Chris Urbom's husband, Dave, is the District Judge.

Continuing to grow and change, Southwest Nebraska Physical Therapy opened new clinic locations in Cambridge and Arapahoe earlier this year. The clinic in Cambridge is located at 611 Paxton Street, one block straight west of the swimming pool, and the clinic in Arapahoe is located at 211 Nebraska Avenue, just south of the medical clinic.

They join the existing clinics at 811 Howell Street in Oxford and the Community Hospital Rehabilitation Center in McCook as the sites for Southwest Nebraska Physical Therapy services.

"The partnership has been a great help to us in providing physical therapy services to the area's residents," Adam, Chris, Dave and Paul said. "Through continuing education and consultations with each other, we are able to provide the latest and best in physical therapy methods to the people we serve."

The partners also expressed gratitude to the Southwest Nebraska Physical Therapy staff, which includes eight Physical Therapists, five Physical Therapist Assistants and eight support staff members. "We have an excellent staff," the partners said. "A huge amount of credit goes to them. We could not have achieved our progress or status without their great commitment."

When the staff's commitment to quality is combined with the support of doctors, nursing homes, schools, hospitals and home health personnel, the partners say Southwest Nebraska Physical Therapy is extremely fortunate: "Working together, it is our privilege to serve the people of this region. Our greatest reward is to see the people we serve achieve their goals with physical therapy."

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