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Monday, September 9, 2013
Since starting as a one-man operation in 2010, the JLB Welding staff has grown to a production, sales and administrative team of eight employees. Staff members include, from left: Alex Hopkins, Adam Carfield, Dale Brunswick, Jesse Anderson, Billie Cole and Jeremy Bain. The other staff members are Walter Lewis, regional sales, and Gary Knappert, who is the newest member of the production team.

With a willingness to tackle any welding project -- whether it's large or small, near or far away -- JLB Welding of McCook is building a region-wide reputation for the quality, durability and long-lasting effectiveness of their work.

As a result, the welding enterprise has grown rapidly, expanding from a one-man, sideline business in July of 2010, to a multi-purpose firm with a new 4,000 square foot shop and eight full-time employees in September of 2013.

The firm's new building is located west of Orscheln's on Drive 716. The shop and the modular office are readily visible because of JLB's sign, which features distinctive red and black letters on a white background.

It was not until Jeremy Bain started doing welding as a sideline that he realized the need was so great in Southwest Nebraska, Northwest Kansas and Eastern Colorado. "I was working as a yard engineer for the railroad in North Platte when I started the welding business, but it wasn't long before I had to give that up. The welding jobs kept coming and there weren't enough hours in the day to do the railroad work and welding, too."

So, in October of 2010, Jeremy took the plunge, setting up shop full-time on East Sixth Street. That continued to be JLB"s location until the move to the new shop west of Orscheln's last month.

Using the skills he learned as a welder for the U.S. Navy, Jeremy built a clientele which included farmers, ranchers, truckers, business owners and industrial customers. From the start, those in need of welding services found that Jeremy wanted what they wanted: for the job to be done right.

"I'm a perfectionist. That can be a curse in some ways, but in welding it's a must. You have to be precise and pay close attention to what you're doing. It takes time and attention to detail, but the end result is a job that's not only well done, but long-lasting."

Even though JLB Welding is just over three years old, the firm's name is well-known throughout the area. The reason is the business-sponsored steel benches which JLB began building in large numbers earlier this year.

"The bench business actually began two years ago when we crafted a bench for the Young Professionals' group to place outside the High Plains Museum," Jeremy said. The steel bench, which featured an inset of a soldier kneeling at a grave, was not only a fitting tribute to America's veterans, but it also brought JLB's craftsmanship to the attention of the community.

Before long, requests for benches started coming in, prompting JLB to start marketing the benches as long-term advertising opportunities for businesses in the Golden Plains and beyond.

Now available in many colors with a distinctive advertising inset, the benches have become very popular in Nebraska and Kansas communities. "We started in McCook and received such a good response we have offered the benches in a number of other communities, including Oberlin, Imperial, Benkelman, Cambridge, Holdrege and Doniphan," Jeremy said.

"JLB is fortunate to have Walter Lewis as our sales representative," Jeremy said. "We are also grateful to the schools, the college, the fair board and the towns and cities for welcoming the placement of benches in parks and other public places."

The benches -- available in seven colors -- now account for 50 percent of JLB's business, with additional growth anticipated in the future. "Our future production plans include picnic tables and trash receptacles," Jeremy said.

The bench business is not the only part of JLB's business that is expanding. As more and more customers are served by the firm's welding skills, the word is spreading about the quality of JLB's repairs and fabrication.

Owner: Jeremy and Laura Bain Year Business Started: 2010 Number of Employees: 8 Address: 38387 Drive 716, McCook, NE 69001 Phone Number: (308)345-5527 E-mail: jlbweldingmccook@gmail.com On Facebook: like JLB Welding

"One of the big things that has opened up for us is our stainless and aluminum work," Jeremy said. "We do a lot of work on semi trailers and fertilizer tanks, as well as farm implement repairs and fabrication."

The great variety of JLB's welding work can be viewed by going to the photo file on the JLB Welding Facebook page. The pictures show the benches JLB has created, as well as corrals, fences, grills, trailer guards, repairs and grating work that the JLB welding team has crafted.

Not only does JLB do a lot of work in the new shop building, but they also have a portable unit to provide on-site welding services. "We go out 35 to 50 miles in all directions, providing quick, on-the-spot service for our customers," Jeremy said.

Whatever your welding repair or fabrication needs, JLB welcomes your business. To visit Jeremy Bain and his staff, you're invited to stop by JLB's new shop at 38387 Drive 716, just west of Orscheln's, or you may call JLB at 345-5527 or send an e-mail to jlbweldingmccook@gmail.com.

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