Hillcrest correcting deficiencies in state survey

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

McCOOK, Nebraska -- The annual state survey of Hillcrest Nursing Home turned up a total of 15 "no harm involved" deficiencies, according to a Hillcrest administrator.

Colinda Nappa, Hillcrest administrator, told the Board of Trustees Tuesday morning at the regular meeting that almost all of the citations concerned paperwork, such as missing documentation and wrong wording. All of the citations were defined as "no actual harm" involved.

These deficiencies have been addressed and a plan of action turned into the state.

There were also two, non-paper work deficiencies that concerned a candle that was found in a resident's room with a burned wick and a door that had not closed completely. Doors must be closed completely as a smoke barrier, Nappa said.

The deficiencies have been corrected, she added.

In other action, the board decided to take no action for now on defining part-time and full-time employees.

The request for clarification was made by a Hillcrest staff member who works in the business office, in anticipation of the Affordable Care Act.

Nappa said Hillcrest's handbook puts full-time employees at 38 hours per week; 32 or more hours a week is eligible for insurance and the Affordable Care Act defines full-time as more than 30 hours per week.

Board vice president Randy Dean told the board that ramifications of changing the status of part time and full time employees could be premature at this point, when the new health care act may be delayed until 2014.

Board member Karen Kliment asked how many part-time employees Hillcrest has, to get a better picture of the impact. Nappa did not have those numbers immediately available.

The board also voted unanimously on Tuesday for a 25-cent per hour increase for parents whose children attend Hillcrest's daycare center and are not employed at Hillcrest.

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