Petition circulated to recall four Maywood school, one village board member

Thursday, August 8, 2013

MAYWOOD, Nebraska -- Four Maywood, Nebraska, school board members and one village board member are subjects of a possible recall elections.

The Frontier County Enterprise newspaper reports that Maywood resident Tim Wolfe is asking for the recall of school board members Lyle Koester, Donita Werkmeister, Sheri Hartley and David Dodson. Another Maywood resident, Joe Schmidt, is requesting the recall of village board trustee Colleen Stone.

According to the Enterprise, Wolfe is upset with construction work performed on the school superintendent's residence.

The four school board members have 20 days from July 22 to reply in writing to county clerk Darla Walthers; their responses will accompany petitions. At that point, Wolfe will have 30 days to gather at least 98 signatures on each petition seeking a board member's recall. Walthers will then have 15 days to validate each signature.

If the recall petitions each have enough valid signatures, Walther will notify the board members and the school board that a recall election(s) is necessary. The election must be conducted not less than 30 days nor more than 75 days after the officials are notified.

The process is similar in the recall effort against village board trustee Colleen Stone. She has 20 days from July 29 to present a written response to Schmidt's request for paperwork requesting her recall.

If she replies, her response will be printed on the petition that Schmidt circulates.

He must have 41 valid signatures to force a recall election.

Walthers told the Enterprise that the minimum cost of recall elections for the school district would be $2,500, which is paid by the school. The minimum cost to the village board for its recall election would be $1,600.

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