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Fun Puzzle answer

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dear Editor,

Following is my answer to the "fun puzzle" in the 6-18-13 issue of the McCook Daily Gazette.

As a reminder, here is the puzzle:

Do you like to fool around with math puzzles? If so, fill in the blanks and solve this puzzle!

The "Archway" cost in year 2000, was said to be 60 million dollars. (McCook Daily Gazette, 5-30-13, page 2)

In year 2000 gold was worth $per ounce. 60 million dollars would have purchased ounces of gold in year 2000.

So take those same ounces of gold at the current price, $ per ounce, would be valued at $million dollars today.

How many new city office-fire house complexes could be purchased now at their published cost of 4.6 million dollars? The answer is _complexes. Want to share your answer to this puzzle?

John Gale, Nebraska Secretary of State, says the " Archway" is a gem! (McCook Daily Gazette, 5-28-13, page 4) . It must be! A gold plated gem!

Aren't you glad you live in McCook, Red Willow County, Nebraska, where we get value for our dollars?

Have fun!

The answers:

$60,000,000.00 divided by the price of gold in 2000, $279.11 per ounce was equal to 214,969 ounces of gold at that time.

214,969 ounces of gold at current price, $1,388.90 per ounce, is equal to $298,570,444.10.

$298,570,444.10 divided by the cost of McCook's new complex of city offices, police and fire departments, $4,600,000.00, is 64.9 new complexes.

Did we get our money's worth or what?

Lyle Wilcox

McCook, Nebraska

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