County seeks guaranteed maximum price on jail

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

McCOOK, Nebraska -- While they wait for clarification of one bid package and the rebidding of another package, Red Willow County, Nebraska, commissioners also wait for a guaranteed maximum price -- GMP -- on the county's new $5.1 million 24-bed jail and law enforcement center.

Lowell "Buster" Beckenhauer and Bill Barritt of Beckenhauer Construction Inc. of Norfolk presented bids on all but two packages submitted to commissioners in February to build the jail next door to the courthouse in downtown McCook.

Beckenhauer told commissioners that he has asked for and is waiting on clarification on an electrical bid (Package 16) from a company whose bid is "extremely low" compared to others. At this point, Beckenhauer said, he is not comfortable recommending the lowest bid without some verification and clarifications from the company's owners. While Beckenhauer officials wait for answers to their questions, no one else can submit a bid on that package.

On the recommendation of county attorney Paul Wood, and Beckenhauer agreed, commissioners will rebid "Package 3A," for concrete footings and foundation. Beckenhauer said one bid submitted by the deadline is higher than officials anticipated, although one that arrived after the deadline is better in line with estimates.

It's best, Wood said, not to accept either bid and rebid that concrete package.

New bids for the footings and foundations will be advertised and sought, with no changes in the specs, and they will be opened at 9:30 a.m., Monday, April 1. Anyone may submit bids on that package, Beckenhauer said.

Beckenhauer officials recommend the low bids on other bid packages. Beckenhauer said he will let other contractors know the results of the bidding, but they will not get contracts until his company completes the two packages in question and determines a GMP.

Beckenhauer said that after opening the new concrete package bids on April 1, they will have a GMP ready for commissioners by April 8.

Bill Barritt, Beckenhauer's senior project manager for the Red Willow County's project, said construction could start in May. It's anticipated to last 14 months.

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