Ancient history or current event, good times either way

Friday, February 8, 2013

I could swear it was just last week that I was marveling at how the first month of 2012 flashed by in the blink of an eye, and yet I find myself in the same scenario already for 2013. Time truly does move faster as you get older.

Casey and I were reminiscing about our excitement filled adventure to meet Declan's mother last spring, when the infamous Angry Bird toy exploded in Declan's face as we were cruising down the highway, setting off a chain of emotional reactions that thankfully ended in laughter. (See my column, "Throwing stones from my glass house," for the entire story.)

Casey and I enjoyed another chuckle remembering the incident, adding that we couldn't believe 7 months had passed already since that trip.

Declan, being the youngster that he is, had a different take. At first he was not even convinced Casey was with us on the road trip, but after insistence from Casey and myself, he eventually conceded that he was.

"That was a looong time ago," Declan said emphatically.

"I don't remember Casey going, it must have been when I was like five or four," the seven-year-old's tone seemingly indicating that several lifetimes had passed since then, much longer than the actual half-dozen months, or even the two to three years since he was "five or four." To Casey and me it was just the other day, to Declan it was ancient history.

Considering the developmental spurts that Declan has gone through over the last 7 years I suppose it is understandable why to him each phase would seem like a lifetime. Physically he has gone from crawling to walking, and most recently to playing basketball.

There was a time when he couldn't talk much, which has ever-so-quickly evolved into a phase best defined by his inability to prevent himself from talking back.

Academically he has gone from asking me what every sign he walks past says, to sneaking into my room to covertly read my emails from over my shoulder.

Given all of that, I can understand why the events of last summer seem so far away to him. Seeing the months fly by from my own perspective, and realizing with sadness that it also means my back-talking little man is growing up, the only advice I could offer him was "enjoy it while you can buddy, enjoy it while you can." I know I'm sure gonna try.

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