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Poor Daddy

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I know every week I write about myself and what I'm going through, but I thought this week I'd speak for the silent one. The only male in a house full of females, and no, the dog doesn't count, although he's Hubby's ONLY ally and probably the only other living creature that somewhat thinks along the same lines in life. Anyways, as my bigger girls have gotten older, especially the 12 year old, I've realized that Daddy has started to evolve from the hero that they once adored, to sort of an embarrassing goof that rarely does anything right in their eyes.

I can still remember the days when my girls would wait for Daddy to come home by staring out the front window and getting SO thrilled when his pickup would pull into the driveway after work. Or when he'd surprise them at their school to have lunch with them, and how they'd talk about it for days afterwards. Or how they'd beg him wrestle around on the floor or when he'd bravely let them play beauty shop with his head.

However, now, I've noticed that they are moving into the stage where Daddy is either in their way or humiliating them. Again, I stress this is mostly the 12-year-old, but my 10-year-old is showing sign as well. The 5-year-old still thinks he's great, but goes along with her older sisters sometimes, just so she can seem bigger.

For instance, the poor guy can't even use his own bathroom anymore without his clan of daughters making a big ol' fuss about it. Like their poo don't stink. I admit, some days they have a point, but poor Dad can't even go in the house that he pays for, mind ya, without a big production from his girls.

Then, all of the sudden, poor Daddy can't even cheer on his girls at their sporting games because it might embarrass them. He's not yelling instructions or curse words, for Pete's sakes, he's just clapping and hollering out praises of encouragement. However, hearing their Dad's voice causes an instant eye roll of embarrassment and an utter refusal of acknowledgement.

Just yesterday, when visiting with some friends of ours, he couldn't even share a story without the girls making fun of his expressions and sounds. It doesn't matter what it is, whether it's the clothes he has on, the amount of food on his plate, an occasional burp or an overly loud sneeze, he can't seem do anything right. Everything is either funny or humiliating to them. He can't seem to run right, help with homework right, fold clothes right or anything else for that matter.

No wonder he jumps at the chance to go hunting or fishing. No wonder he accepts so many side jobs. Get away from all of those sassy girls scrutinizing everything he does. I don't blame him. I know they love him, though, and I know they're proud he's their daddy, whether they admit it or not, you just have to see around their snickering, rolling eyes and the occasional, "Duh, Dad."

Poor Daddy.

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