Youth workers complete task early, move on to others

Friday, July 27, 2012
Clint Franke takes aim from a tree stand while Daryan Banning watches from another near by. (Courtesy photo)

The Nebraska Youth Conservation Program finished with their main electrical project on Wednesday July 18, a full week and a half ahead of schedule!

The electricians with KC Electric were pleasantly surprised with the crew they got for this project. Gale Loop the foreman on the crew said "I'm really impressed with the kids working; especially with 100 plus degree days. We were able to run 1700 feet of trench, conduit, and wire in three days; which was pretty good.

Attitudes (of the youth) were good. It was a pleasure to work with both the crew's youth and their leaders." Harvey Raker another electrician said "All of the kids have done an excellent job. I really enjoyed working with these kids. This program is doing them a lot of good." Part of the advantage of this program is that everyone involved with an electrical project received an apprenticeship license paid for by the program. It is really exciting to see that there is more than one youth interested in using their license to continue on with this line of work.

Since some parts of the electrical project only called for two youth to help at a time the rest of the crew worked on beach beautification, picnic table construction, and storm damage clean-up. This week's education day was about the fine arts of archery and its application in the outdoor world.

John Laux and Kirk Nelson came out to teach the crew about various bows, safety, archery targets, tree stands, on the ground shooting, kill zones, and bow maintenance. The crew learned that even if they were right handed they may shoot left handed depending on their dominate eye. They demonstrated and practiced with compound bows. Some brought their personal bows to get some professional instruction on how to improve fundamentals.

Daryan Banning and Tanner Miner show off the first completed picnic table for Swanson SRA. (Courtesy photo)
Clint Franke shows Cory Burrows how to wire in a pedestal. (Courtesy photo)
Shianne Carpenter, Clint Franke, Crystal Adams, and Dave Banning take practice shots after John Laux taught them proper techniques and determined if they were left or right eye dominate.
NYCP Crew and KC electric pose in front of their finished electrical panel. From left are Peyton Bahe, Crystal Adams, Calvin, Hughes, Clint Franke, Cebastian Manley, Shianne Carpenter, Daryan Banning, Dave Banning, Gale Loop, and Harvey Raker. (Courtesy photo)
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