Through the eyes of a child

Friday, June 1, 2012
A booklet of Breanna's writing included this drawing with her essay on visiting her grandpa's tombstone.

TRENTON, Nebraska -- Doug Nitzkorski of Littlton, Colorado, writes, " My family and I have been dear friends with Bill and Polly Steinke of Trenton for 30 years. Bill died some four years ago. My granddaughter, Breanna Nitzkorski, stayed with Polly last fall and visited Bill's grave. Later, as part of a second grade writing assignment, she wrote (this) recollection of her visit."

Breanna writes:

Looking at a Tombstone

By Breanna Nitzkorski

Over the weekend, I went to my Grandma Polly's house. I asked her where my Grandpa Bill was buried. She told me he was buried in the Nebraska cemetery. It wasn't too far away, so I asked her if we could see my grandpa's tombstone. My mom and grandma said it would be okay. So we jumped into the car and headed toward the cemetery.

When we got there we went straight to my Grandpa Bill's tombstone. It was so pretty. It was where Polly was going to get buried, too! The stone had two hands on top and in the middle it had a heart that said, "Married 60 years,"

We walked around too! There were about 500 tombstones in the cemetery. I felt bad for all of the people that had died. I bet all of the people that had died made a lot of people sad, too! I felt so special that I got to see Grandpa Bill's tombstone. When we left the cemetery I thought of how much fun it would have been if my Grandpa Bill hadn't died!

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