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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A good day gone bad

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fridays are supposed to be good days, right? Everyone's always in a good mood on Fridays and that's exactly how I woke up last Friday morning, but, man, did that change in a hurry. Little did I know that my day was not going to be anything like how I'd hoped it would.

It all started when my oldest daughter woke up with her eye almost swollen shut. You'd thought she just lost a battle with Mike Tyson but in reality she'd been fighting two styes in one eye all week and the styes were winning. I knew I couldn't send her to school that way with all that swelling. She'd look like Elephant Man by the time 3:30 rolled around. She was having testing that day though, so she had to get to school as soon as she could.

So I decided to hurry and get the girls breakfast first, then I'd get everyone around and head to the doctor. It was then when one of the waffles I was making, already caked in syrup, fell down the front of the stove, smearing the dish towel and landed face down on the kitchen carpet. Awesome! I hate cleaning up syrup and I hate having carpet in the kitchen so, needless to say, the two combined was quite irritating at 7 in the morning.

Next I went upstairs to get myself ready and forgot that I was planning on straightening my hair that morning since I THOUGHT I didn't have any plans. So I rushed through that process only to have it frizz out like Diana Ross once I stepped outside in the rain and humidity. The morning just kept getting better!

So then I dropped off my middle daughter at school and ran out to the clinic with Rocky Balboa and my 5-year-old, who got drug outta bed to join all the fun. And of course, the day we're trying to hurry and get the prize fighter back to school, we wait an hour to see the doctor. What's so fun about that too is, we wait most of that hour in a 6' x 8' room with no toys, no books and nothing but untouchable and hazardous items that my 5 year old CANNOT leave alone. The word 'torture' kept coming to mind.

Anyways, we got some advice and a prescription and headed out into the wind and rain. The splendid morning continued with making several heat packs for Muhammad Ali's eye, cutting my finger while making banana bread, and then spilling someone's leftover blueberry yogurt all over my newly washed tennis shoes. All the while, the rain kept coming and the temperature kept dropping, which then made me realize my middle daughter was probably freezing at school in her shorts and t-shirt since I just blindly answered yes to her outfit choice without really caring since the morning was so chaotic. I'd have to apologize for that.

Well, after all that mayhem, I fixed the girls an early lunch so I could get Cassius Clay back to school for her tests and finally feed Lil Miss Tag-a-Long. And if the morning wasn't crappy enough, all three of us, while trying to eat a peaceful lunch, got to then witness from the window our dumb dog chase down and murder a baby bunny in the backyard, the same baby bunny that'd been living under the girl's playhouse that they'd fallen in love with.

That scene took the appetite right out of all of us. Then I had to tromp out in the rain and scoop up the lifeless bunny, with a rake of course, and haul it off to the trash bin while my two girls watched in horror.

After the crime scene was cleaned up and the perp locked up, I dropped off Jumpin' Joe Frazier at school, and Little Missy and I headed for a super quick grocery trip. I only needed five things and I then I HAD to get back home to get ready for the girls' weekend softball tournaments, which is what I'd planned on originally.

Well, plans schmans. While at the store, I ran into three sets of people and my phone rang twice with important, non-ignorable calls, one being the eye doctor who suggested a new prescription for Apollo Creed. So I tried to make up time by jumping into the express lane, only to be behind "that guy" who needed a price-check for something that was impossible to find, you know the one. My quick trip took about an hour.

The rest of the afternoon went like this: made trip No. 2 to the pharmacy for Sugar Ray's eye issue, picked up the freezing, neglected middle child, broke a window pane trying to round up some stuff Hubby needed from his garage, started dinner only to realize in my hurried grocery trip I forgot the stupid cheese and canned tomatoes, ran back to the store, which made me late to pick up Sugar Ray from volleyball, got back home, jammed finger and broke a nail opening the oven door, ate dinner, which didn't even taste good by then, ran Marvelous Marvin Hagler to the Jr. High dance and then....

Well, let's just say the evening resembled the day and what I thought Friday was going to be was not even close. Saturday was definitely a welcome sight!

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