Culbertson city-wide garage set for April 28

Thursday, April 19, 2012

CULBERTSON, Nebraska --The Culbertson CIP began its April meeting by replacing planter barrels in the downtown area. Eleven community members helped with this project and also cleaned up the area around the gazebo and the Cattle Trail sign. A total of seven barrels were replaced.

Following this activity, the Culbertson CIP met at the Bears Cave with 8 members present.

Contact is being made with the Hitchcock, Hayes, Dundy summer ball league about getting games included with their schedule. Cheri Cooper will contact community members about getting T-ball organized in Culbertson.

The Culbertson business brochure was further updated. Copies will be left at city hall and the school.

Jeannette Miller showed three proposed signs for the flower barrels. A printed sign with stars was chosen. The group decided to purchase eight of these signs and put them in every other planter barrel in the downtown area on days when there are special activities in Culbertson.

The city-wide garage sale, set for Saturday, April 28, has at least 17 sites for the map. The deadline to get on the garage sale map is Saturday, April 21. Karen Morthole will make the maps. Maps will be available at the K-Store, Bear Cave, and post office. The group thanked Karen for making the posters about the garage sale.

The recycling project was tabled for more information or ideas for containers. Members volunteered to fill in delivering the Culbertson newsletter.

Election of officers was held. New officers are: Cheri Cooper, Chairman; Karen Morthole, Vice Chairman; and Connie Barger, Secretary-Treasurer.

The next meeting will be on Monday, May 21. The group will plant flowers in the downtown barrels at 6:30 p.m. and then have the regular meeting at the Bears Cave.

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