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Not just any onion will do

Friday, March 9, 2012

Just a few days after the McCook McDonald's was demolished I drove by the construction site and noticed the workers had already begun to frame the early stages of the new building's first wall. As I tried to imagine what the restaurant was going to look like once the project was completed I realized that it was unfortunately going to be a long while before I indulged in the double-cheeseburgers that I enjoyed so much.

Declan was looking out the window at the same scene, but his reaction was quite different. "Look Dad they're almost finished!" he shouted excitedly from his car seat.

While I looked upon the construction site and saw the project just getting underway and could think only of the length of time I would have to do without, Declan saw nothing but progress.

He made me promise we would go there as soon as they reopened. "They have the best onions, they cut them up so small and their burgers taste so awesome!" he said with his customary uncontainable excitement, as we drove away.

I have no idea where the onion thing came from, it was news to me, the last time I had checked he hated onions. I have found that his preference in foods changes at an incredibly rapid pace though and is absolutely, positively, unaffected by me.

The next day I tried to put a thin slice of red onion on a sandwich I made for him, he quickly scolded me and repeated his new catch phrase, "What are you trying to do to me?"

"I thought you liked onions?" I replied with genuine confusion.

"Not these onions, just the little tiny ones from McDonald's" he explained as he removed the onions from his plate, obviously concerned they would taint the rest of his sandwich if allowed to remain too close. I offered to dice them but was of course turned away by the young man.

I decided I would follow the example he had set during the drive-by of the construction site and attempt to see only the bright side of the situation. A few weeks ago he would not eat any onions, at least now he had progressed and was open to some fashion of onions, I can work with that.

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