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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

GOP providing entertainment, for now

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LINCOLN, Nebraska -- Retiring U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson spoke up when former Democratic lawmaker Bob Kerrey said he would stay out of the 2012 Senate race.

Not to worry, Nelson said, the Ds have viable potential candidates.

He was making it up.

For Nebraska Democrats, the bright side will be in the short term--watching Don Stenberg and Jon Bruning savage each other.

Big horn government

Forty-one big horn sheep are moving from Canada to Nebraska, giving our home state another beautiful herd.

In the past, Nebraska has auctioned one-time permits to shoot the big critters.

Next question: How long before someone starts yowling for a cougar season to protect the big horns?

Not as long as you think, probably.

Remember when elite was a good thing?

Having had the privilege of conversing with a few of America's "elite" over the years has always seemed a very nice thing.

But it's apparently something that would not appeal to Boobus Americanus.

We revel in our athletic elite. In our military elite.

Our intellectual elite? We scoff at and degrade it.

Even those who establish their own power in politics via academia and publishing mount the mud wagon to denigrate the other guy.

He who laughs last ...

It was good to see some Nebraskans in the Super Bowl.

Never mind win or lose.

Think of Danny Woodhead. And his touchdown catch. And the Chadron State Eagle's fine NFL season overall.

Now think of Bill "the kid's too small to play" Callahan.

Oh, my. Some laughter really is better than some other laughter.

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