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My mullet sporting hair critic

Friday, January 20, 2012

Declan has been refusing to get his hair cut and I haven't had much of a problem with it, I miss the longer baby blonde he once had, but have had more than a few chuckles after seeing his hair once he removes his snow cap.

I worry sometimes how he looks throughout the day at school and often catch myself trying to pressure him into a haircut, just to satisfy my insecurities pertaining to how he looks to other people. Don't get me wrong, I understand the value of him taking pride in his appearance, I just don't think his hair is interfering with that, just yet anyways.

I have sorta figured that at some point one of his buddies would say something, or come to school with a new haircut that Declan will decide he too must have, but that hasn't happened yet.

Declan has absolutely no insecurities when it comes to his hair, and me, well I'm bald, which is probably the fastest way to eliminate any such insecurities. Declan's Uncle Casey on the other hand, he is a little more concerned with his hair than the little man and I, but Declan is doing his best to toughen him up.

Casey came home from getting his haircut the other night and was tinkering with his hair in the livingroom mirror, still unsatisfied after just leaving the barber shop.

I walked by and noticed Declan staring up at him, "Your hair looks stupid since you got it cut," he said to Casey in a serious tone. Casey froze for a second, trying to contain his irritation, and then glanced down at Declan, who continued his critique.

"You shouldn't have cut your hair, it looks silly," said Declan.

"You look like you have a mullet," Casey responded dryly.

"A what?" Declan asked.

"Nevermind," Casey replied and continued to fiddle with his hair as Declan waddled off to his bedroom, unaware of the derogatory comment.

Declan will eventually decide a haircut is in his best interest, perhaps after someone explains to him a mullet isn't a good thing. I think the odds are better though that before that time comes, Casey will be much more secure with how his hair looks, having survived the daily critique of my mullet sporting 6-year-old.

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