Senate candidate: 3rd District vital to race

Monday, September 26, 2011
Sen. Deb Fischer

McCOOK, Nebraska -- Saying the 3rd District hasn't elected a U.S. Senator since Minden's Carl Curtis, State Sen. Deb Fischer said the district is vitally important in her campaign for national office.

The 3rd District has 47 percent of the Republican vote, she noted.

A rancher from Valentine, Fischer says she's quite concerned about the potential danger to the Ogallala Aquifer from the Keystone XL pipeline, but she wants the decision of whether to allow it through to be based on facts.

There's "no debate" Obamacare needs to be repealed, she said, because it was pushed through prematurely and wasn't preceded by things like tort reform, insurance across state lines and other important issues.

She said she favors a balanced federal budget, but doesn't believe in "scaring senior citizens" through reckless and irresponsible talk about cutting Social Security.

The impact of rules and regulation on small business must be reined in, she said, because it is the small businesses that generate new jobs.

She called for a process for appealing new rules and regulations imposed on small businesses -- "you can't just pass laws and let bureaucracy take its course," she said.

Andy while mail service is a dilemma --"everybody wants to see cuts made" -- losing a post office is "just another blow to small communities.

Fischer was in town for a private fundraiser.

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  • She has a steep uphill battle in her first statewide election against a proven Nebraska Attorney General in Jon Bruning and then against a sitting U.S. Senator in McCook's own Ben Nelson.

    -- Posted by dennis on Mon, Sep 26, 2011, at 7:00 PM
  • Yes an up hill battle against Ben Nelson. Don't make me laugh. Ben might push a lot of federal money to McCook so the ignorant members on the city council and mayor will rename everything in the city limits, short of the sewage treatment plant, after him. Ben Nelson is real busy re-writing history. I mean seriously why did Ben need to spend all that money to have his home relocated to Norris avenue from his prestigious "B" street location. All of this and our mayor can't wait to defend and promote this pathetic excuse of a public servant. Ben Nelson is only interested in serving one person and that is himself. Sorry dennis, but your pursuit to prop Ben Nelson up in his boyhood hometown is failing primarily because he can't help himself because he is a liberal that doesn't hold the values of the voters he is supposed to represent.

    -- Posted by sleeper on Tue, Sep 27, 2011, at 5:36 AM
  • Deb Fischer is a crediable candidate that I have contibuted to financially and that I support. When ever Ben Nelson is mentioned in the paper responses seem to focus on one issue. Did we forget who initiated the state lottery that has provided millions for education and millions for envirmental projects? Did we forget who's hand helped placed jobs and economic development in McCook (Valmont-Work Camp)? No one ever seems to want to discuss the hundreds of positives but just one vote in about 19 years of public service. I am not happy with his vote on Health care but certainly do not dismiss his service due one vote. In reality most negative comments seem to be nothing more than pure jealousy.

    "It's critical to seek other winners. Successful people challenge you and force you to think differently; they cause you to consider alternatives, and they inspire. Flying with the eagles and not scratching with the turkeys is an issue in any matter. Losers do not provide stimulation, motivation or personal growth. They tend to be victims and tradition bound and may, drag you down to their level." Danny Klinefelter

    The majority of us, even if we vote for someone other than Ben Nelson, prefer not to be drawn down to a level of scratching rather than flying.

    -- Posted by Kid Kokamo on Tue, Sep 27, 2011, at 8:52 AM
  • Sleeper, if I recall the mayor was the county chair for Chuck Hagel when Hagel upset Nelson in McCook and Red Willow County for Nelson's first Senate run. I also recall that the mayor is the county chair for Bruning and was the county chair for Heineman. I also recall the mayor saying the people of this area should be thankful for all Nelson has done for this area despite his Obama health care vote.

    -- Posted by dennis on Tue, Sep 27, 2011, at 11:32 AM
  • Only one laughing sleeper is you and your partyline vote mentality regardless of it merits..

    I voted for Bushs 1 and 2 and what did they ever do to fix health care system when it was time to do something and had control/votes to do something??? Thats right nothing was done just random lip service and Bush just told us to put up with huge price increases in healthcare and pass it along to us consumers or employers.

    Obama at least is trying to do something vs nothing and i dont agree with all his plan and its needs revesions in areas but at least he showed all us on both sides that he is not putting up with huge health care increases and willing to battle the health care system greed.

    Time to vote for the best person to do the right thing vs party line voting that does nothing for anybody in the long run....

    -- Posted by Cornwhisperer on Tue, Sep 27, 2011, at 12:00 PM
  • Nelson did all of this with tax payer sponsored kickbacks, called earmarks. I would venture to guess that he will either drop out or lose his reelection bid due his alignment with the extreme liberal wing of the of democrat party.

    -- Posted by sleeper on Tue, Sep 27, 2011, at 12:20 PM
  • Sure the people of McCook should be thankful that Ben Nelson help create the largest debt in the history of the USA. For those that pay taxes it is a simple argument, Ben Nelson is one that believes he has the power to pick the winners and losers in America. That is what the tax code has become in this country. Punish achievement and reward laziness and incompetency.

    What about all of the communities in Nebraska that Ben Nelson doesn't support with his earmarks like he does in McCook for all of the publicity? Either the mayor and the city council are ignorant that the tax payers won't figure this out or stupid to believe they can fool the public much longer on how all these wonderful Ben Nelson gifts to the people of McCook are paid for.

    -- Posted by sleeper on Tue, Sep 27, 2011, at 1:01 PM
  • When no one or nothing around you measures up Sleeper; perhaps it is time for you to check your yardstick.

    -- Posted by Kid Kokamo on Tue, Sep 27, 2011, at 1:09 PM
  • Sleeper, ignorant or stupid for the council and mayor? Really, are those the only two options you can think of?

    -- Posted by dennis on Tue, Sep 27, 2011, at 3:42 PM
  • Sleeper...What am I really thinking now. Can you do it for everyone, or just Ben Nelson? I would rather comment on Deb Fischer. How long before we hear the phrases over and over again such as job killing regulations, that the Nebraska farmers are terrific stewards of the land, Nebraska values blah blah blah. I personally am tired of either party's candidates simply trying to out conservative each other. If Deb Fischer is just going to keep repeating the party's talking points, there are already plenty of those puppets in office. Sleeper, who am I thinking of?

    -- Posted by hulapopper on Tue, Sep 27, 2011, at 10:25 PM
  • dennis,

    Would treasonous had been a better word?


    the screen name is a little odd. My yardstick right now is base on taxes paid year in and year out and I work for a businessman that pays more in taxes every year than the entire city council earns in total. Quite simply, those that foot the bill for this country on the federal, state and local level are tired of paying for ideas from public officials like Ben Nelson and the City Council of McCook. When do the recipients of all of the free money finally begin to realize where the money is coming from? When they refuse to pay.

    -- Posted by sleeper on Wed, Sep 28, 2011, at 4:46 AM
  • If the choice comes down between Nelson and Bruning, Nebraska loses either way. Maybe this is just the candidate we need. I'm more than willing to take a serious look at her candidacy.

    -- Posted by McCook1 on Mon, Oct 3, 2011, at 11:57 AM
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