State Patrol warns of credit card scam targeting classifieds

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

LINCOLN, Nebraska -- The Nebraska State Patrol is urging citizens to be aware of a fraudulent scam targeting classified ads.

Investigators with the Nebraska State Patrol received a complaint from a man who ran a classified ad in his local paper several weeks ago. On Tuesday, Sept. 20, the man was contacted by a person calling from an out-of-state number. The person calling indicated the credit card used by the man to pay for the classified ad did not go through and he needed to provide the numbers again. The man complied with the request. A short time later the scammer called back, indicating the card still would not work and ask the man for a different credit card. He provided the caller with a new credit card number.

The man then became suspicious and called his credit card companies to put a hold on each of the cards. The card company indicated the scammers had already charged thousands of dollars to one card and were attempting to charge to the other card.

"In this type of operation, the scammers get on-line and randomly call numbers listed in classified ads," said Investigative Services Captain Chuck Phillips. "We want Nebraskans to be aware, because these types of scam operations usually work in one state then move on."

Anyone who believes they may have been contacted by this "Classified Scam" should contact their credit card company and local law enforcement.

Captain Phillips said, "It's a good idea, if you're placing an ad with a credit card to ask for verification that the transaction was successful before continuing."

For additional information on scams and identity theft, visit the Nebraska Attorney General's website at < > click on the Consumer Protection tab, or call the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-727-6432.

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