Water balance on NRD agenda

Friday, June 10, 2011

CURTIS, Nebraska -- The Middle Republican Natural Resources District's monthly meeting is Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Curtis Memorial Community Center in Curtis.

As previously reported on May 25, by the McCook Daily Gazette, a presentation on the water balance study for the Republican River Basin will take place. The presentation will be done by engineering firms Brown and Caldwell, and H20ptions.

Three variance requests are scheduled, one each, for Geraldine Clark, a continuation hearing, Friehe Farms and Tom Kiplinger. The Friehe Farms and Kiplinger requests are in reference to Rule 5-3.9 supplemental wells.

Items on the June agenda include the 2011-12 budget draft along with insurance renewal and a new policy revision regarding accidental death disability for staff and directors. The board will hear updates on the occupation tax challenge currently awaiting the Nebraska Supreme Court decision, the Kansas versus Nebraska mediation, a review of issues about Geraldine Clark's variance request inquiries and review of the removing non essential materials from the record from Jon Schroeder and how the executive committee interviews for new legal representation went.

The board will also hear reports on the Nebraska Legislature sessions, Nebraska resolutions LR218 and LR304, both are interim studies, and Nebraska bill LB 400. LB 400 was passed by the Legislature 47-1-1, with Sen. Mark Christensen being the lone dissenting vote. LB 400 gives Natural Resource Districts an additional three cents property tax to setup their integrated management plans.

The board will continue integrated management discussion as well as discussing whether to testify at the Lower Republican Natural Resource District's hearing.

Other items of note on the June agenda are:

* the Riverside buyout progress and report;

* discussion on rules and regulations for wells drilled from 2001 or later;

* report on the cease and desist orders for Koetter and Kent Meyers. According the agenda, both orders are still waiting a reply from both parties;

* under groundwater activity, a Texaco Trust application by Bob Adams will be discussed;

* and cost-share funds for local conservation program / Nebraska soil and water conservation program and approval of applications with consideration of moving the maximum amount to $6500 and allowing the anything under $5000 to be approved by the manager.

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