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Voters turn down two school bonds

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Voters in two Southwest Nebraska school districts said "no" Tuesday to bond sales that would have financed expansion, upgrades and renovations to school buildings in Trenton, Culbertson and Arapahoe.

Voters in Maywood approved a 15-year sales tax that will help maintain and repair village infrastructure, and a write-in candidate won a position on the Palisade village board.

Hitchcock County school district patrons, whose students attend classes in school buildings in Culbertson and Trenton, voted down extensive upgrades and renovations in their buildings. Approval of $9.8 million in bonds went down, 521-295.

Arapahoe school district voters also rejected $7.5 million plans to renovate their school buildings. That ballot question failed, 476-261.

All election results as of this morning are preliminary vote counts.

In other contested races in Southwest Nebraska, voters selected a new sheriff in Chase County, and settled a high-profile race for Hitchcock County commissioner.

Incumbent sheriff Tim Sutherland lost, 885-736, to challenger Kevin Mueller. Sutherland became the Republican candidate in the May primary; Mueller's name was placed on the ballot by petition.

In Hitchcock County, Paul Nichols defeated Roy Edmundson, 285-206, in the race for District 1 county commissioner. Before the May primary, in which Edmundson challenged incumbent Bradford Hock, Hock fired Edmundson from his job on the county roads department. In a lawsuit against the county, Edmundson claimed that Hock fired him because he, Edmundson, declined to withdraw from the race or resign. Hock said in a phone call to the Gazette Tuesday morning that he did not ask Edmundson to withdraw or resign, nor did he ask Edmundson to choose between the race and his job. (As of Oct. 19, the lawsuit has been settled, and is awaiting approval of the U.S. District Court on Nov. 19.)

Edmundson went on to beat Hock in the May primary, 103-101. Now, Edmundson has lost to his challenger, Paul Nichols, whose name was placed on the ballot by petition.

Other Southwest Nebraska local contested races, by county, are:


County sheriff: Tim C. Sutherland, 736; Kevin Mueller, 885.

County commissioner, District 3: Don Weiss Jr., 417; Joe Langin, 95.

Imperial mayor: Dwight Coleman, 493; Derek Russell, 319.

Imperial city council, two seats: Chad Yaw, 424; Lynn Luhrs, 349; Junior Reeder, 283; John Arterburn, 535.

Imperial airport authority, two seats: Blake Moreland, 461; Bill Mollring, 246; Jeff Pribbeno, 654.

Chase County school board, four seats: Robert Milner, 517; Willy O'Neil, 532; Penny Strand, 753; Dan Reeves, 606; Jeff Olsen, 748; Kelly Clevenger, 599; Todd Burpo, 457; Dirk Haarberg, 648.


Dundy County-Stratton school board, five seats: John Metzer, 601; Michael Blecha, 601; Sandy Noffsinger, 555; Steven Krug, 467; Amy Haines, 455; Craig Kerchal, 478.

Benkelman mayor: incumbent Harlan Cansler, 195; Gary Clark, 243.


Voters in Maywood approved, 70-49, a 1 1/2 percent sales tax and village improvement fund that is estimated to raise $240,000 for street and sidewalk repairs, replacement/repair of water and waste water mains and lines, water source development such as wells and water storage and repair/replacement of public lights on streets and the highway.

Contested races included:

Curtis City Council West Ward, one seat: Talia Pate, 56; Jerrod Burke, 80.

Moorefield village board, two seats: Carol Hanes, 11; Marvin Fisher, 4; Mark Smith, 2.

Arapahoe school district, three seats: Mason Schroeder, 2; Dennis Breinig, 1; Allan McCoy, 2; Mike Borden, 0; Alisha Wasenius, 1.

Cambridge school board, three seats: Troy Westadt, 25; Victor Knutson, 32; Todd Johnson, 19; Brad Farr, 47.

Southwest school district board of education, three seats: Steven McConville, 25; Tom Sughroue, 27; Jada Carpenter, 1; Kim Brooks, 6; Kevin Potthoff, 11; write-ins, 4.

McCook school board, three seats: Scott Johnson, 7; Shane Messersmith, 13; Larry Shields, 18; Sandra Krysl, 6.


Hayes County commissioner District 2, 1 seat: Barry Richards, 77; Leon Kolbet, 89; write-ins, 3.

Southwest Public Power District, Subdivision 2, one seat: Robert Romine, 202; Frank Stehno, 149.

McCook school board, three seats: Scott Johnson, 0; Shane Messersmith, 3; Larry Shields, 2; Sandra Krysl, 2

Palisade village board, two seats: Jason Weiss, 3; Keri Klumpe, 1; Jason Hicks, 1; write-ins, 3.

Hamlet village board, three seats: Karleen Cooper, 10; Forrest Matti, 21; Richard Miller, 17; Gary Greeley, 24; write-ins, 9.


Arapahoe school bond: For, 261; Against, 476.

Arapahoe Council North Ward: Chris Middagh, 190; Todd Monie, 185; Regina Smith, 60.

Arapahoe school board: Mason Schroeder, 476; Dennis Breinig, 460; Allan McCoy, 528; Mike Borden, 194; Alisha Wasenius, 389.

Cambridge school board: Troy Westadt, 324; Victor Knutson, 315; Todd Johnson, 187; Brad Farr, 388.

Southern Valley school board: Todd Brown, 342; Steve Forbes, 284; Rhonda Hogeland, 239; Keith Long, 189; Brent Coffey, 175; Marilyn Siebels, 317.


Palisade voters cast 84 write-in votes for candidate Jerald Vrbas, securing him one of two available seats on the village board. In second place was Jason Hicks, with 51 votes; followed by Jason Weiss, 30; and Kari Klumpe, 22. Two other write-in candidates split 28 votes.

Hitchcock County school bond: For: 295; Against, 521.

County commissioner, District 1: Roy Edmundson, 206; Paul Nichols, 285; write-ins, 2.

Southwest Public Power, Subdivision 1, one seat: Robert Romine, 201; Frank Stehno, 198.

McCook school board, three seats: Scott Johnson, 12; Shane Messersmith, 14; Larry Shields, 14; Sandra Krysl, 17.

Dundy County Stratton school board: John Metzger, 148; Michael Blecha, 164; Sandy Noffsinger, 158; Steven Krug, 149; Amy Haines, 133; Craig Kerchal, 132; write-ins, 3.

Stratton village board, two seats: Thomas Jones, 66; Maria Mosemann, 58; Thomas Frizzle, 71; Jerry McDonald, 82; write-ins, 1.

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