Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First a note of thanks for all the flowers, cards, prayers and other good thoughts that have come our way for my convalescing wife. Ann is doing just fine; better every day. She has grown to like being treated as the "Queen" with her every whim being cheerfully met. A friend informed her though that "This too shall pass."

In just a few days we will mark the ninth anniversary of the destruction of the two skyscraping towers that was the World Trade Center. The Pentagon was of course the second target on that day that also "shall live in infamy." Nearly 3000 innocent Americans were killed. It was the worst enemy inflicted disaster our country has ever experienced. It was also one of those life milestone marking events for each of us that experienced it happening if only on TV. I will never forget being about 20 miles from my destination in Kansas City and hearing the business jet ahead of me being ordered to land at Kansas City Downtown airport "due do a national emergency." I proceeded to my filed destination and when I strode into the FBO office I watched on TV as the second commercial jet hit the second tower. I knew instantly that we were again at war and who the enemy was!

Now 10 years later a group of Muslims, practitioners of the faith that spawned those homicidal jihadists that did the deed, along with fuzzy thinking encouragers, are planning on creating a victory Mosque right on ground zero. I don't think so!

Last week I heard a caller on talk radio suggest that the American response to 9-11 should have been to build the towers back exactly as they were before only just one story taller! I like that idea and the message that it would send! It should have been done nine years ago but doing so today would still make the same statement that we are here to stay!

Somehow yours truly managed to become the class representative for the McCook High School Class of 1955. You know the one that stays home, attempts to keep in touch with all the other grads, forwarding congrats and concerns, the one that organizes reunions, the job from which one has to die to get relief. Yeah, that guy or gal. Well this is the year of our 55th graduation anniversary and we celebrated the first half of the reunion during the all school event the Fourth of July. Now we are celebrating our second half during Heritage Days. Any excuse for a party. A bonus of the job is hearing from old friends living all across our great country as they respond to the invitation. About half the members of my class are computer literate which makes the job much easier but snail mail still works, too.

One classmate who lives afar and whose husband retired from teaching at a major university wrote that she has to use care in speaking ill of our president when she attends parties and other social events.

"We live in such a liberal community that we are rare ducks. Went to a barbecue yesterday, one couple was new to this group and several times he spouted out damning words about Obama and you would not believe the silence. We decided on the way home that we needed to get ahold of those folks and warn them that Obama is adored here! At one point, I was discussing something with one of the women and don't remember how it came into discussion, but she stated that people just refuse to believe that Obama is doing a wonderful job just because he is a black man. I said, "Well, I don't think it is that, but rather that they've realized that he lacks experience.' She jumped right back at me, 'No it isn't, it is only because he is black.' I quickly changed the subject. Fighting at a party is not a good idea. Otherwise they are fun and interesting people."

Methinks that Jeanne lives in a far different world than I find in Southwest Nebraska. It is my experience that folks here care not what color a socialist-leaning big government, debt-loving president happens to be, we are simply against his failing vision to reshape our country into something we don't like. Fortunately we will have a chance to make some changes to his party's ability to continue to make unwanted policy come November. Then in a couple more years we can vote to send him back to his corrupt buddies in Chicago from whence he came.

Still I find it unsettling to think how such liberal-leaning academics of which Jeanne spoke are influencing the young people we send off to college. We send them to learn to think for themselves but I fear that they are being force fed a liberal/progressive line. Hopefully this too shall pass.

That is the way I saw it.

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  • Dick, I hope you don't mind, but I have had a few people ask me to get my poem about Flight 93 printed in the paper, so Imma gonna steal some space from your, right here. Thanks. Arley

    Hug Ann for us all.

    Flight 93

    By: Arley W. Steinhour early-2002

    You wake up in the morning

    an ordinary Joe;

    preparing for the routine of

    a young man on the go.

    Shower, shave, and brush your teeth,

    you pack your bag to leave;

    kiss your wife and kids goodbye,

    brush talcum from your sleeve.

    The taxi ride is routine,

    to where you'll go aloft;

    as sun is lighting up the sky,

    where clouds are white and soft.

    You feel the plane lift off the ground,

    and preflight jitters fade;

    Great wife, kids, and job you think,

    'I really have it made.'

    Minutes into flight time,

    you get the dreaded news;

    five hijackers, they be haters,

    of our Christians and Jews.

    The message from the bad guys is,

    "Be smart, against us not a hand";

    You know that throughout history,

    they'll just fly somewhere and land.

    They'll rant and rave excessively,

    and ransom they'll demand;

    or call for the release from jail

    some members of their band.

    Your nervousness is soon replaced

    with total abject fear;

    As flight crew and the pilot

    are pushed roughly to the rear.

    The pilot says that something's wrong,

    the plane a bad guy now will fly;

    and if he doesn't do it right,

    then everyone will die.

    The cell phone in your pocket,

    is handy and might work;

    you call your wife to tell her

    you've been hijacked by a jerk.

    She tells you with a deep concern,

    Twin Towers have been struck;

    and then you know beyond a doubt,

    you've all ran out of luck.

    The plane is going Southeast,

    D.C. is on that track;

    the aircraft is a weapon;

    You have to take it back.

    The plane has over fifty souls,

    D.C. has thousands more;

    the choice is simply who must die

    from this heinous act of war.

    You tell your wife you love her,

    but you have a job to do;

    you're going to take the airplane back,

    and subdue this crazy few.

    You tell her that you may not live,

    as something may go wrong;

    these people don't want money,

    they want to kill our freedom song.

    The last words that your wife will hear

    brands freedoms corporate soul;

    the battle cry, no better made,

    than what you said: "Let's Roll."

    A spectator you no longer are,

    your hearts hear drum and fife;

    as something must be done, and quick,

    to save more innocent life.

    Into freedoms history,

    and shirking not your charge;

    Bad guys lose, good guys win,

    the price is very large.

    You brought us all together,

    that very fateful day;

    the standard raised for "Patriot,"

    you few have set this way.

    Rest well you friends of country,

    God bless, and keep your souls;

    for patriots die only once;

    cowards live in holes!


    -- Posted by Navyblue on Tue, Sep 7, 2010, at 7:31 PM
  • "We send them to learn to think for themselves but I fear that they are being force fed a liberal/progressive line. Hopefully this too shall pass. "

    I found my professors either not say anything about politics or lean conservative. This was 2 years at McCook and 3 years at Purdue University North Central as a business management major.

    I asked my fiance what she thought as a liberal art concentration of social work major and she said it too while attempted to be balanced, was more conservative, though there were more liberal thoughts in the social work classes.

    I'm sure if I asked my friends I would probably get a similar response.

    -- Posted by npwinder on Tue, Sep 7, 2010, at 9:13 PM
  • Dick, Hitler was a Roman Catholic. He and the Nazis attended mass and received communion. The church said nothing. Would you please do an expose on why there should have been no more Catholic churches built anywhere near Jewish people.

    Would you also do an article about farm subsidies as well?

    -- Posted by hulapopper on Thu, Sep 9, 2010, at 1:15 AM
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