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Neighbor questions WEC security

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A pickup belonging to Rex Solomon's son was allegedly stolen by offenders who walked away from the Work Ethic Camp Sept. 19. Solomon said damage was extensive, including the vehicle's front bumper that was pushed into the front wheel.
(Lorri Sughroue)
Offenders who have taken off recently from the Work Ethic Camp in McCook have at least one citizen wondering if enough is being done about security.

Rex Solomon of rural McCook, who lives about a mile from the Nebraska Department of Corrections Work Ethic Camp, said area residents are not being properly notified when offenders walk away from the camp.

Two offenders absconded Saturday, Sept. 19, around 3:30 a.m. and were apprehended later that night in Akron, Colo. It marks the second time this month offenders have left the minimum security facility, the first occurring Sept. 10 when an offender who attempted to walk away was captured about 12 minutes later.

Stephen Kaiser, 20, sentenced from Douglas County on a Class IV forgery charge and Anthony Mattison, 21, sentenced from Hall County on a Class IV theft charge, were captured by Washington County, Colo., law personnel in Akron about 10 p.m., according to Washington County records. They were allegedly found driving a pick up that belonged to Solomon's son. Both are in custody at Akron and face Colorado charges.

The WEC is a minimum security facility just outside McCook city limits on U.S. Highway 83.

It accepts offenders who are sentenced to intensive supervised probation for a non-violent felony charge and inmates from Nebraska correctional facilities, who are released on parole after successfully completing the camp programs. Programs offered at the WEC include short-term substance abuse treatment, work detail crews and educational / vocational assistance.

Solomon said he had no idea offenders were missing when he and his son found the pickup gone about 3 p.m. He called the WEC, which confirmed that two offenders had been missing since early that morning and that local radio stations had been notified.

Solomon, who said he doesn't listen to the radio, learned later in the day that a neighbor's residence down the road had been burglarized sometime that morning, with pop, Doritos and a small amount of cash taken.

The Red Willow County Sheriff's Department confirmed that a burglary occured in that area sometime between 7:30 a.m., and 12:30 p.m., but did not release any details, citing the on-going investigation.

Solomon believed that the offenders hid in the cornfield near his property after the burglary, waited until his son came into the house after working on his pickup, then stole the vehicle.

"They couldn't have timed it any better, " he said. He's concerned as his teenage daughter was outside that afternoon, along with his wife, who was painting a shed. He's also dismayed with the $137 fee he had to pay to retrieve the damaged pickup in Akron.

"There has to be some accountability here," he contended.

There is a process to file claim to recover losses, said Barb Lewien, WEC warden, with claims made through the State Claims Board in Lincoln. She also said in a written statement that current security measures are sufficient to protect the public and meet the needs of the offender population.

"It is unfortunate that an individual or individuals exercised bad judgment and decision making in not fully taking advantage of the program opportunities made available to them. This, however, does not diminish the success of the program nor our commitment to helping low risk offenders be successful and in serving all Nebraskans, Programming that addresses substance abuse and educational deficits helps offenders return to the community to lead law-abiding lifestyles," she said in the written statement.

Strong efforts were made to notify as many people as possible, assisted by the Nebraska State Patrol, said Red Willow County Sheriff Gene Mahon, but law enforcement were limited in knowing where the offenders were heading.

"It would be hard to stop and notify every household while still investigating the situation," he said. "Our responsibility is to provide security while trying to catch these people." He added that a reverse 911 system would work well for situations like this, when automated phone calls are sent from a dispatch center to a block of phone numbers. Red Willow County does not have reverse 911 and is in the process with the city in applying for funds to get one, Mahon said.

Solomon has been in contact with the sheriff's office and the WEC and said he may file a lawsuit before he's satisfied. Although he believes in the WEC mission, the safety of his family comes first, he said.

"What's it going to take, a kidnap or assault, before something changes?" he asked.

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I agree. There was no mention on the radio nor the newspaper about missing offenders. There should be some way that the WEC can contact the community. Living in another town years ago where there was an actual prison, if someone escaped sirens would be turned on. The sirens were of a different sound than the tornado so everyone knew to go into lockdown mode. Why can't something like that be implemented?

-- Posted by Rural Citizen on Tue, Sep 29, 2009, at 11:50 AM

The officials weren't entirely accurate when saying they notified local radio stations. Of the 7 stations that serve the McCook community, only ONE was given any information at all...and if one of their staffers didn't happen to hear some chatter on a scanner and initiate a phone call to the camp, it would have been swept under the rug!

I know for certain that the station that does the best at reporting local news (Coyote Country) was not told about the event, and had to make calls to the Dept. of Corrections in Lincoln to get the slightest bit of information.

Mr. Soloman is correct in questioning the security measures that exist at the WEC right now. A friend of mine is a security guard there and says there is a lot of tension among the offenders/inmates out there, and it's only a matter of time before the next escape happens.

If the county or city doesn't have it in their budgets to install the Reverse 911 system, you can bet the Dept. of Corrections does! Since the burden of responsibility is on their shoulders, it sould be up to them to provide an effective method of informing the public in the event of escapes. I know they do plenty in Tecumseh to make sure their residents are informed!

-- Posted by Justin Case on Tue, Sep 29, 2009, at 11:53 AM

There should be a warning that someone or more have escaped the facility. What really stands out is the guards at that facility. Are they not competent enough to stand guard and keep them from escaping or have they become lax in their duties?? This should be investigated as to why this is happening. Any facility that is minimum or maximun security should have zero absconders.

Mr. Solomon is correct in questioning the ability of the guards and the security in the WEC. Where is the state and why is it not being investigated??? Should there be a complete look at the guards and what they are doing during their work schedules?? I think there should be. And to pay a fee to get your vehicle back??? The WEC needs to be responsible for this. Not the person who's vehicle was stolen.

Better yet, close the place down and send the offenders to a facility that they can't escape from. The guards can find another job like they found in this one. The guards, whoever they are, that let the offenders escape, need to find another career in life.

-- Posted by edbru on Tue, Sep 29, 2009, at 12:32 PM

Ususally when I see the WEC offenders working around the community, the gaurds are in the van with the seat laid back, taking a nap. Maybe they're too busy napping at the facitity as well! It's time for them to earn their pay!

-- Posted by SunnyMomma on Tue, Sep 29, 2009, at 2:19 PM

I was thinking the same thing about a siren going off when people leave the WEC. I heard the scanner when the most recent two left and it scared me to hear that two more have walked away. Is it really that easy to get out of that place?? I don't want someone watching me when I leave or when I come home, maybe they will hurt me or my son. Something needs to be done with all the breakouts of the WEC. WEC needs to wake up and do something about it or maybe they should just get rid of the whole system, since it's so easy for them to walk away.

-- Posted by orangegirl8 on Tue, Sep 29, 2009, at 3:39 PM

I work across the street from the WEC and have never been called about an escapee. I know for a fact, that the two who stole the pickup last winter hid in a semi in the parking lot across the street for several hours. The semi was never checked by law enforcement. A few hours later they went into the building and got keys and took the pickup. Had the pickup not had onstar it never would have been found. They were finally caught in Ok after they totaled the pickup. Had there been a notification system this would not have happened. The driver of the pickup would have secured the building and keys better.

I also have noticed that nothing has been on the radio station until several hours later. I have a radio on all day with Kicx on.

Kudos to the Gazette we did see about the 12 minutes escapee on their website. Nothing was ever on the radio.

I also believe that the people around WEC need to be notified when someone escapes. Media is not enough!! Weekends are the worst because there is no local on air media.

-- Posted by C.N. on Tue, Sep 29, 2009, at 3:41 PM

Blah , Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah!!! Why not just lock everyone down when every little thing happens!! I was rsised around a minium, medium security prision and they don't make this big of a stink about inmates that walk away! For the young man that had his pick-up stolen, obviously he left his keys in the truck. THAT WAS THE BIGGESY MISTAKE HE COULD HAVE DONE!!!!!! Living that close to a correctional facility he should have known better!!!!! That was just an OPEN invatation for trouble!! WISE UP, use your common sense if you are going to live that close to places like this!! YEA, I know that you were probably there first, but they warned everyone in the community when they first thought of bring a facility like this to McCook. Everyone was in favor of bring in new businesses and employement to the community!!! WISE UP MCCOOK!!!!!!!!

-- Posted by ace1965 on Tue, Sep 29, 2009, at 5:59 PM

It is sad to hear so many poor personal opinions of fellow citizens from McCook. Do you realize how many families are supported by the employment opportunity of the Work Ethic Camp. That is 70+ families that are not relying on medicare, social security, welfare, or other forms of social support systems. Individuals that actually do pay taxes, and spend their monies locally.

Do you realize that when speak of these people in this way you could be speaking of your neighbor, or even a consumer of local goods. Also...$1.5 million a year to house a 90 inmate population which continually changes due to the 5 - 6 month sentence...that is housing, feeding, medical attention, education, substance abuse counseling, detox, as well as job skills. Not to mention the ability to receive a second chance at life.

Honestly, it hurts me to hear so many poor opinions of something that has helped the community in such a great way. If you feel that the work crews are not performing their job duties properly ask around. The area schools, department of roads, game and parks, local cities and townships, county departments. I can assure you that their opinions may be a bit different than those stated above.

Thank God every day for the opportunities that are afforded to our local economy by way of employment. If it wasn't for the available local government jobs we would be a dead or dying community.

-- Posted by cplcac on Tue, Sep 29, 2009, at 8:07 PM

Looks like the Gazette needs to police this article, sounds like mr. eddy is making a whole of accusations that more than likely are false. It also seems like mr. eddy you are jealous of the benefits that the employees receive, stop your bitching and fill out an application for employment at the WEC, if you think they have it so great. There are many employees out there that work 3rd shift, or 2nd shift, never have weekends off, work holidays, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter to name a few, think that is a picnic? It's not. It is really amazing the way some people in this area are so jealous of people that have decent benefits with their jobs, usually there is a reason for some of them, crappy hours,working weekends etc. Again stop your bitching and and fill out an application for employment if you think they have it so great. I have seen the guards watching the offenders, never once did I see any of them sleeping. Sometimes they were in the van, but perhaps that is procedure, do you people making accusations know for sure? Doughnuts? give me a break eddy, that's as old as the stuff on your leg. I wonder where you get the idea the offenders have been stealing, getting drunk or sniffing paint. I visted the WEC on their open house weekend, and the controls there at that time seemed good, perhaps things have gone down hill since then. They seemed a lot like basic training but more harsh, at least in basic the guys could smoke and drink coffee! If I remember correctly none of the guards are armed, perhaps a few armed guards would change the inmates minds about escaping.

Notifying the public most definately needs to improve, there should be a way to notify the public. Sirens notify us when there is a tornado, why not when one of these people escape?

Wow, hiding in a semi! I would think that would be one of the first places the cops would have checked. Leaving keys in a pickup, guess he was asking for that. Sounds like morale needs to improve out there, disgruntled employees are not good in a place such as the WEC. ace1965 you are correct, McCook needs those jobs, they just need to improve some of the procedures out there.

-- Posted by goarmy67 on Tue, Sep 29, 2009, at 8:31 PM

Amen cplcac!

-- Posted by goarmy67 on Tue, Sep 29, 2009, at 8:35 PM

Eddy, did you ever consider the people who are looking for jobs ELSEWHERE can't handle what they have to do out at the Work Ethic Camp? I have friends that work out there and it is not an easy job. I have family that has worked in Techumsa and works at the state pen. Both have had bad stuff happen to them or people they care about. Have you ever THOUGHT the people who are quiting DON'T have what it takes to put up with the offenders crap. SOME people are sissys and can't handle EVER thought of that????

-- Posted by kjsey on Tue, Sep 29, 2009, at 10:20 PM

We all have opinions about this facility. Some good, some bad. What it all comes to is that when people escape, SOMEONE isn't doing his or her job.

-- Posted by edbru on Tue, Sep 29, 2009, at 10:51 PM

Granted they need to up security.... but the things you are saying (eddy) about the guards and what not is ridiculous... Why don't you get off your ass and see if you can handle it instead of being billy badass sitting behind a computer??? Shame on you for trying to blame the guards who are outnumbered by the inmates at all times and don't even get a gun for protection. I don't like being outnumbered but especially with convicts it would be tough.

People like you are what is wrong with this community eddy... Everybody can be hardass talking but can't do it themselves. There are too many people in this town like that!

Once, again not saying they don't need help on preventative measures maybe give them some guns and let them use them when someone leaves. i don't know for sure but bashing the guards is just plain immature!

-- Posted by S&DC on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 8:39 AM

I'm curious to find out how these inmates are escaping and what measures can be taken to alert guards of escapes. What about ground sensors/cameras around the perimeter? Door sensors perhaps. I think we need a couple of things here. Better prevention of escapes and alerting guards when there are escapes, and some sort of mass notification system. I think a siren would be helpful, but it also alarms the inmate you know at that point they are missing and would give them an upper hand. That being said, I think the notifying the public benefit would out weigh that.

McCook does need/want those jobs. People around there need to be aware of the threat and be aware of their surroundings. I know I'd move to protect my family, and I know many are saying a person shouldn't have to and I'd agree with that. However, given the current situation, I'd put my family first realizing the WEC isn't going to go away.

-- Posted by blueCollarWorker on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 8:44 AM

I believe when you sign on to post a comment it says "please be respectful" it appears that people are having a difficult time with this. It also appears that people are forgetting that the Work Ethic Camp is a treatment/correctional facility, they house nonviolent offenders who have the chance to make changes in their lives if they so choose. What appears to be blantly clear is that some people are unsure of the goal of that facility and are being driven by fear and anger due to the unknown. If i was raised right I was always told that the best thing that conquers fear is knowledge. I was also taught that hearsay is the most unreliable source of information, go to the direct source not someone who knows someone.And just for thought I don't know of any business that at sometime or another doesn't have some employees that are unhappy or not at their finest. Can improvements be made, you bet like with anything there is always room for improvement!

-- Posted by Fool*Me*Twice on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 9:34 AM

I need to make a addition to my previous comment: they also house inmates that were selected to be sent out to the WEC facility to complete their treatment/sentence. Those inmates also must be in compliance with the standards of that facility.

-- Posted by Fool*Me*Twice on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 9:37 AM

Well, well, well...I thought all the ignorance in this town blogged over at Mike's " views from the other side," but apparently it's here too.

What I have heard so far is that everyone around here is to blame except for one person, or group of of persons. That would be the actual criminals that are the burden of our society.

Be careful before you throw all the WEC people under the bus eddy. You speak like an arm-chair correctional officer if you know what I mean.

Is the WEC perfect? NO. Is it helping our town survive? It's definately a part of that. Is the area benefting from all the free labor? I sure think so.

This is real typical of the anyone these days. It'a no different than the national scene. Everybody would sooner blame a US president for all of our problems than the real culprits, radical islamic terrorists and greedy unethical CEOs.

I also think it's funny that some of you are demanding to have all this high level security installed and whatever else it takes to make you 100% secure and safe. Isn't that what the Patriot Act did for the post 9/11 world, and now that Obama is in office the country is rebuking everything Bush did to keep us safe because it so intrusive on our rights and privacy?

In one sentence you are crying of wasted tax dollars and government waste, but then you spill out that they should be ramping up security and what not. Which way do you want it?

Maybe all the answer is not simple. As I said, it's not the WEC's fault this is going on, it's the criminal's. What can we do about that? Not much, it's too late to take away the crimes they haev commited against society.

Maybe instead of sitting around on your computer bitching about what everyone is doing wrong, you should get out and do something good for society. I think most of America's problems with the rise in drugs, crime, etc. comes from the fact that too many people are too busy chasing dollars to take time to do the right things.

Kids get left in the dust because of this and the ones that are left in extreme poor family conditions are the ones who end up incarcerated.

Maybe people need to spend more time at churches, community events, voluteering and getting kids involved in youth organizations (boy scout/girl scouts), spend more time at school, spend time with kids afterschool, etc.

My point is, just like any of our national problemes. The real answer is not some kind of government program to throw billions of dollars at. the real solutions are people changing their lives and changing the way they think about real priorites. If you think about what the real problem is, I guaratee you will arrive at the real solution. Our world today is full of band-aid solutions, only to fix the symptoms of the problems.

If you want to fix the problem of people escaping from the WEC. Figure out how to get people to stop becoming incarcerated at the WEC. That is your real solution. Criminals are always going to find ways to escape and cause harm. I guarantee it.

-- Posted by Justin76 on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 10:49 AM

I would agree that the security measures at WEC need to be beefed up a little. This is not the fault of the people that work at this facility. They are not even trained in PPCT, or in restraining an uncooperative subject. They are not supposed to stop an absconder by force, they are instructed to inform local law inforcement of the situation and let them handle it.

When it comes to the cushy job that some think these correctional staff have. OMG. I worked for the department of corrections in 3 states over 12 years. I have seen correctional officers carried out in body bags, and in 2 cases even places them in the bag. I have seen correctional officer taken to the hospital after being stabbed, beaten, or exposed to one of many blood borne pathogens that infest all correctional facilities. If most of you had a look at what goes on in these facilities, and what could go on, there is no way you would do that job for a measly 13 or 14 bucks an hour. These people dont get paid any where near enough, nor do they get enough time off.

The people that work at WEC are not the problem. The training, mission, and facility design are the problem. This place is housing criminals in a facility that has been design and trained to be a daycare.

-- Posted by seentoomuch on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 11:59 AM

quit smoking eddy. I'm not angry, nor am I blaming you for anything. YOU came on here blaming associated with the place for everything that's wrong with it. Don't get my words twisted in with yours.

-- Posted by Justin76 on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 1:51 PM

I still don't see where anyone is blaming the criminals for criminal actions. You're all busy blaming the innocent working man that has to deal with the criminals that society breeds for these problems. Why is it his fault?

Sounds as smart as blaming a president for the disaster left by a hurricane. Is that one person's fault? I can't believe what people complain about in this country.

Sure, there's nothing wrong with questioning the security at the WEC camp. But coming on here and blasting everyone that works there for being fat and lazy while making too much is money is counterproductive and ignorant.

We all know there was this potential when this facility came here, yet the whole town wanted it and in the aftermath we have immortalized Senator Nelson for getting here for us. Anyone who was opposed has had plenty of time to leave by now.

-- Posted by Justin76 on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 2:01 PM

btw- eddy, I travel around McCook all day long every day and have never seen a guard asleep. Enough lying already.

-- Posted by Justin76 on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 2:03 PM

I agree with most of what Justin76 and seentoomuch have to say it is easy to blame others but one clarification; the staff are trained at PPCT, but they also have procedures to follow and by those guidelines are how they do their jobs. As I said before many people need to get their facts before they add to the mass misunderstanding. The Work Ethic Camp has provided many institutions with labor and manpower, yes some of the work may not be up to everyones standard, but remember some of the inmates/offenders have not had the work experience that others have had and are learning the value of work.

-- Posted by Fool*Me*Twice on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 2:11 PM

I stand corrected Fool*Me*Twice; I worked for the Nebraska Dept of Corrections several years ago, and at that time the WEC staff did not take the PPCT portion of the training program. Thank you for the clarification.

-- Posted by seentoomuch on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 2:57 PM

eddy, eddy, eddy, if anyone leaves the keys in their vehicle ANYWHERE, and somebody steals it, they have absolutly no one to blame but themselves. PERIOD. I don't care if it's on their own property, if the keys are in it and left without supervision and someone steals it, sorry charlie/eddy it's their own fault.

I totally agree with the informed posters that state the employees out at the WEC are not overly compensated, they deserve every benefit they receive, and more. Those jobs are not the usual "governmnet" jobs that so many people like to chastise, those guards are not paper pushers, they are guarding criminals without a weapon. How many of you that have been blaming the guards for everything would do that job? Don't forget as I stated before, that is a 24 hour, 365 days a year operation, never shuts down for holidays, weekends etc. they deserve what they get.

It looks like to me that management needs to take a look at the procedures out there. I disagree with you eddy, the offenders do not just walk off whenever they want to! Just another falsehood on your part or maybe they just got lost out on their shoping trip to buy paint or booze, huh eddy?

Since there has been 2 escapes this month, yes something is wrong out there, but spewing lies is not the way to get it corrected. I suggest eddy before you call/write/email or send smoke signals, do a little research on the Attorney General's correct name.

Justin you are correct about the inmates are really the ones to blame, but the world being what it is, guess we will have to continue to try and straighten them out and hope that this program will do that. As far as costs go, all the articles I have read about the WEC, is that the taxpayer is getting a bargain compared with puting more inmates in the "big house".

New or revamped procedures are needed immediately, before something, as eddy continues to state, a hostage situation occurs. Management needs to get their head out of it, and make some changes real soon.

-- Posted by goarmy67 on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 3:02 PM

No, leaving the keys in a vehicle does not give anyone permission to steal it. If its not yours, dont take it. The idea of the WEC and the spending of the 1.5 mill in tax payer dollars is to keep these people in a semi-secure location and attempt to teach them some job skills as well as some life skills. Its worth it if we can help a few of them. The next step these people will take if they should fail will not be geared toward rehabilitation as much as the Nebraska DOC would like you to think so. I think it would be advantageous to bump up the security level at WEC by changing a few policies and procedures. I dont think we should arm the staff, but I do think they need to be free to use the appropriate level of force to maintain a controlled and secure facility. I think it is good that we are trying to turn these people around, but they do need to know that we mean business, and thier old thought process will not work here. If all 90 inmate made it to the next level, it will cost much more than 1.5 mill.

-- Posted by seentoomuch on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 4:27 PM

Well Wondering, you had better get a locked chastity belt on that young female family member of yours.

-- Posted by oldfarmer on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 4:41 PM

Eddy, as far as your comment directed to me, go ahead let them steal my vechial MAYBE I can get one that runs decently. I have two dogs in my yard they won't step foot in my house. Get your facts stright about the people who work out there.

-- Posted by kjsey on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 8:03 PM

eddy boy,I strongly suggest you READ,and think before you chastise me with your response. I stated that due to 2 escapes,that new or revamped prodcedures are needed IMMEDIATELY. What part of immediately do you not understand? New or revamped procedures immediately is not saying business as usual. Management out there and in Lincoln need to wake up and change rules/and or procedures.

Man you are a real jewel, especially comparing leaving keys in a car and a young lady being raped. I'm saying ANYONE that leaves keys in a vehicle has no one to blame but themselves when it is stolen. I do not have any sympathy for anyone that is stupid enough to leave the keys in a vehicle, no matter where it's parked. Is the wall answering you yet?

Better security procedures are needed,changes are needed to prevent the escapes, a better system for warning the public is needed, not lies about the employees.

Oldfarmer, do you perhaps have an extra belt I could borrow? Oh, sorry, I bet you have it locked on your daughter, account all those traveling salesmen!

Yes eddy keep talking to the wall, looks like it is about the only one buying your lies.

-- Posted by goarmy67 on Wed, Sep 30, 2009, at 10:21 PM


Your like a broken record, we get that you think they need to wake up!! We get you think the people who work out there are lazy!! We get you don't wanna pay taxes for the WEC!! WE DON'T CARE!!

Go back and look through this thread it is you against 3 or 4 other people who continually make better points than you... I'm curious what you do for a living because I would bet it isn't half as stressful or dangerous as the employees out there...

I also agree with Wondering in the fact that if you are dumb enough to leave your keys in your vehicle when you live close to any type of prison/work camp/institution then it is YOUR FAULT when said vehicle disappears! Use a little common sense and accept that you were negligent...

I still think that maybe the guards don't need guns but maybe pepperspray or a taser would be a sufficient restraint tool to keep the inmates from being unruly...

-- Posted by S&DC on Thu, Oct 1, 2009, at 9:39 AM

I'm not saying that the offenders shouldn't be punished nor that it was right that they stole a vehicle nor that no one was alerted. WEC does need to look into a better alert system. However, most insurance companies will not pay on a claim if they know that keys were left in a vehicle or a house was left unlocked. They feel that the owner is showing irresponsibility and is partially to blame. Some people are still living with a laid back attitude however if you don't pay attention to your coverage, you may not have any depending on your own actions.

-- Posted by Rural Citizen on Thu, Oct 1, 2009, at 10:41 AM

S&DC you are correct about the guards needing some type of control, if they are not given guns. If they were to have guns I'm sure that would involve another level of training and certification. Considering what type of facility it is, a taser or similar device would probably be the answer, but the powers to be at the facility and in Lincoln should be looking at that.

S&DC and Rural Citizen thank you for trying to convince ol'eddy about anyone leaving the keys in a vehicle, I had forgotten about how an insurance company will treat the theft if the keys are left in the car, but I'm not sure if all the facts and reasoning in the world would ever get through to eddyboy. He just continues to harp about the guards and donuts.

eddyboy, here's another way to look at your stolen vehicle, if the keys were not in that pickup and the doors had been locked, would it have been stolen?? Bet not. Yes the guys that took it, broke the law, and they will pay the price again. But the fact is, if the keys had not been in the pickup, it would more than likely still be on the farm. For years everyone around here have left their doors unlocked and keys in the car, but the real world has arrived in our town, people need to change their habits. Lock 'em.

-- Posted by goarmy67 on Thu, Oct 1, 2009, at 8:17 PM

We're not blaming the victim. Those kids are taking full responsibility for steeling A vehicle. Unfortunately, the "victim" has some responsibility because of his lack of care on his part. TAKE THE KEYS OUT OF THE VEHICLE. If it's stolen then the theives worked hard at it and really stole it. The "victim" just made it easier for them.

-- Posted by Rural Citizen on Fri, Oct 2, 2009, at 11:57 AM

Go get a donut eddy, you seem to be an expert on them. No matter what reasonable people say to someone like you, you will only see what you want to see. Seems like you are the only one that believes that it is only the fugatives fault. Yes they are wrong for stealing it, but I still stand by the statement, if he had not left the truck with keys in the ignition and unattended, it would still be on his farm. He gave them an easy target, and being fugatives they took it. Sorry charlie/eddie he still has no one to blame but himself.

-- Posted by goarmy67 on Fri, Oct 2, 2009, at 10:42 PM

more often then you are ED

-- Posted by S&DC on Sat, Oct 3, 2009, at 12:47 PM

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