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Movie Review - X-men Origins: Wolverine

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Movie Review - X-men Origins: Wolverine

Starring Hugh Jackman, Liev Shrieber, and Ryan Reynolds.

Rated PG-13.

(L to R) Taylor Kitsch (Gambit), Will.i.am (John Wraith), Liev Schreiber (Sabretooth), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Tim Pocock (Cyclops), Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson), Lynn Collins
X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the first in a line of possible comic book based movies that will center on each mutant in the X-men comic books. Wolverine is and has been the most popular, so the first movie fittingly kicks off with him.

This movie is a 'prequel' to the other X-men flicks and does a pretty convincing job of tying it all together. I am quite interested in how Marvel (the comic book company that is behind all these characters, in case you didn't know) is using the extreme amount of backstories to populate movies with the best of the best stories. All of the stories already intersect in the comic book world, so its only fitting that they start using that universe to create movies. As an avid reader of comics, this is exciting to me.

Gambit (Taylor Kitsch), who also goes by the name Remy LeBeau, has the ability to charge matter with volatile kinetic energy, causing the object in question to explosively release its charge on impact.
Wolverine is the origin story of Logan or Weapon X or Wolverine or Jimmy...he has a lot of names in the flick and in the comics. It starts with him as a child and goes through his life and involvement in multiple wars and government programs until it all comes to a conclusion that spirals right into the first X-men flick. It's a pretty broad description as I prefer not to give away any of the details of the plot as that can change the whole way you feel about the film and I want you to like it.

WHY? Why would I want you to like this movie? Because I did and I want to see more. If this film does good at the box office, as it should, that will greenlight more of the X-men Origins movies and I really want to see a Deadpool movie. If you don't know who Deadpool is now, you will after this flick and if he doesn't impress you in this film - it's because they kind of destroyed him and I recommend you checking out the comic. Other than my desire and need to see more of these films - the movie is really good. This is an action packed ride that never slows down.

No, it doesn't compare to The Dark Knight or the first two X-men films which were all excellent flicks, but it does do better than the third X-men film. The reason this film doesn't hit the high levels of The Dark Knight or even Iron Man is because the film is too busy blowing stuff up and taking you on a thrill ride, which leaves little time for character development or complicated storylines.

Hugh Jackman reprises the role that made him a superstar, as the fierce fighting machine Wolverine, who possesses amazing healing powers, adamantium claws, and a primal fury known as berserker rage.
As I said, this film is good, great even. I enjoyed myself so much in the preview screening, I'm going back for the midnight premiere. Half of the credit for having such an amazing time at this flick is Hugh Jackman who does an amazing job at portraying Wolverine. I'm also a sucker for comic book characters making appearances and this movie doesn't dissapoint with two fan favorites of Deadpool and Gambit. Deadpool I already mentioned but Gambit is another mutant from the X-men universe that hasn't shown up in movie form yet and now that he has - he should make a splash.

Wolverine has some great acting, wonderful storyline, a little bit weak plot, nonstop pounding action, and is more than worth spending the money to watch at the theatre. A lot of the country has already seen this film unfinished due to a leak of the film on the internet. The leaked version was great quality but didn't have finished special effects shots, so at points you would see Wolverine riding his motorcycle with a green screen behind him. And no, I didn't watch the leaked version - just read the news articles on it. From what I understand, to entice people who downloaded the flick (SHAME ON YOU!), Fox has decided to include alternate endings after the credits. These aren't huge things and don't effect the main movie at all. They are just extra little 2 minute shots after the credits so you have to stay to catch it, but there are supposedly three different ones floating around in theatres as a bonus for those who go out to watch it.

Wolverine is playing at Cinema 3 in McCook and you can check it out at Midnight on April 30th or 12:01 AM May 1st as the first time that it can be screened. Other showtimes are available at www.fridleytheatres.com. Also, next week is the premiere of Star Trek. Advance tickets are now on sale at Game On, right next to the theatre. Game On is also celebrating the release of Wolverine by having sales on Wolverine merchandise for those that go to the movie. Also, on Saturday May 2nd, Game On will be giving away Free Comics on Free Comic Book Day that deal with Wolverine and this movie as well as other comic book properties.

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