City to ask for another delay for injection well

Friday, March 13, 2009

For the second time, the McCook City Council will be asked to extend the completion date of the injection well project at the sewer.

The council will take up the request at its regular meeting, 7:30 p.m. Monday at City Council Chambers in Memorial Auditorium.

The council first approved a request in January to extend the completion date of the injection well from Jan. 31 to March 15, as electronic equipment needed to operate the well would have not been received in time. The council approved the extension.

On Monday, the council will be asked to extend the completion date by one month, to April 15, due to delays in securing equipment and conflicts in scheduling the authorized person required to connect the well to the water treatment plant.

Although not a physically large project -- it's basically a well with a small building on top -- the injection well is a vital component needed to complete operations at the water treatment plant.

The injection well works by pumping underground nearly 2,000 feet the waste generated from the water treatment plant, containing the nitrates, uranium and arsenic. Currently, waste from the water treatment plant is being run through the sewer system.

Plans for the injection well first began in 2006 and required extensive review by the state for approval. McCook's injection well was finally approved by the state in April 2008.

The council also will be asked to approve a resolution that authorizes Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, to serve as paying agent and registrar for the economic development fund bonds.

The bonds will be issued for up to $1.15 million and be paid back using a portion of the half-cent city sales tax revenue committed to the McCook Economic Development Corp. The money will go toward costs in renovating the Keystone Hotel into a Business Center.

According to the city manager's report, contracting with a third party adds transparency and additional oversight to the funding process, along with relieving the city clerk/treasurer of the responsibility.

Wells Fargo would be responsible for the payment of the bond proceeds to the appropriate parties as well as record keeping of all transactions.

The council will also receive and file an agreement between the city and Miller and Associates, consulting engineers, for the design of extending new water and sewer mains to the National Guard and Army Reserve building, that will be constructed south of McCook Regional Airport.

The agreement is a consent agenda item, that can be approved in one motion along with the rest of consent items or pulled for discussion.

Under the agreement, the mains will be extended along Airport Road about 3,000 feet to the east and a lump sum fee of $17,350 for the design phase and up to $18,000 for construction observation is authorized.

In other action, regular agenda items the council will be asked to approve include:

* an ordinance on third and final reading that amends the floodway and floodway fringe districts of the city, providing for the adoption of the revised flood insurance study by FEMA and the flood insurance rate map

* an amended ordinance on third and final reading that adds to the definition of an unsafe structure those that are 50 percent damaged, decayed or deteriorated from the original condition.

* an ordinance on second reading that adds standards to determine when an unsafe building can be repaired, rehabilitated or removed.

Consent agenda items up for approval are:

* receive and file the financial report for the period ending Feb. 28, 2008

* drawings and specifications for replacing the concrete sidewalks at the Jaycee Ball Complex and set the date to receive bids for April 7

* the application for a special designated liquor license submitted by Schmick's Market for a wine tasting event April 4

* the application for special designated liquor licenses submitted by MO Dough LLC for three events: a bull riding competition at Red Willow County Fairgrounds on April 10-11; a wedding reception at the same location on June 6 and a private party for the McCook High School 1979 class reunion at the Fox Theatre and adjacent vacant lot on July 18.

A public hearing will also be conducted at the start of Monday's meeting, to amend a zoning ordinance to allow school districts to have their own communication tower or antenna on school and/or school district property.

After the hearing, the council will be asked to introduce and approve on its first reading the amended ordinance.

The language in the ordinance was first amended in 2006 to protect schools from cell phone towers and inadvertently eliminated schools from having their own communication equipment, according to the city manager's report.

The amended ordinance will allow an antenna at McCook Elementary to be extended from 50 to 75 feet above ground.

McCook Public Schools has two towers, at McCook Elementary and McCook Senior High.

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