McCook Bison swimmers have strong outing against Kearney, North Platte

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

KEARNEY -- The McCook Bison swim team competed at Kearney Thursday in a double dual with North Platte.

The Bison girls placed second and fifth in the medley relay.

Emily Wood and Madison Felker placed third and fifth, respectively, in the 200-yard freestyle and Matt Carriker placed fourth.

Danielle Blume, of Southwest High School, placed fifth in the 200 individual medley.

McCook's Whitney Korgan placed first in the 50 free in a very close race with Kearney's Mariah Anderson.

Jayde Aufrect placed fourth in the same race.

McCook's Chad Stull and Corey Paz placed fourth and sixth place in the 50 free respectively.

Josh Stevens placed 2nd with a score of 268.10.

"We are really pleased with Josh's performance this year. He has really improved in the last few weeks. Our goal is for Josh to qualify for state," said Bison diving coach Kim Korgan.

Aufrect and Katie Latta placed fourth and fifth respectively in the 100 free.

Matt Carriker and Stephen Smock placed fourth and sixth in the boys 100 Free.

Madeline Shaddock came close to a secondary qualifying time with a second place finish in the 500 free. Emily Wood place fifth in the same race.

Danielle Blume, Jordan May, McKenzie Schmitz and Kelsey Pohl placed third in the 200 free relay.

Chad Stull, Stephen Smock, Lucas Jumps and Matt Carriker placed fourth in the same race.

Whitney Korgan and Erin Premer placed sixth in the 100 backstroke, respectively.

Madison Felker and Danielle Blume placed third and fourth, respectively, in the 100 breaststroke.

In the 400 free relay, the girls and boys team placed second and fourtth respectively.

The Bison swim team's next meet with be in North Platte next Friday.

"We are really setting our site on the conference meet in two weeks. That is when we really have to perform our best," said head coach Lori Jumps.

McCook/North Platte/Kearney

swim meet at Kearney

Thursday, Jan. 29, 2009

Girls results

200 yard medley relay -- Kearney A 1:58.23; 2.McCook A (Madeline Shaddock, Katie Latta, Whitney Korgan, Jayde Aufrecht) 2:08.48; 3.North Platte A 2:09.05; 4.Kearney B 2:16.88; McCook B (Jordan May, Madison Felker, Madison Wagner Kelsey Pohl) 2:21.4

200 yard free -- 1.Erin Wright NP, 2:03.29; 2.Brennan Andrews Kea, 2:13.16; 3.Emily Wood MC, 2:28.40; 5.Madison Felker MC, 2:44.61

200 yard IM -- 1.Lauren Walford Kea, 2:40.21; 2.Derra Lusk NP, 2:54.49; 3.Janelle Osteen NP, 2:59.92; 5.Danielle Blume MC, 3:00.93.

50 yard free -- 1.Whitney Korgan MC, 25.33; 2.Mariah Anderson Kea, 25.40; 3.Riley Wilson Kea, 26.98; 4.Jayde Aufrecht MC, 27.66

100 yard free -- 1.Mariah Anderson Kea, 55.28; 2.Lauren Kennedy Kea, 57.79; 3.Tesa Hlavary NP, 1:01.84; 4.Jayde Aufrecht MC, 1:03.62; 5.Katie Latta MC, 1:04.08

500 yard free -- 1.Erin Wright NP, 5:35.43; 2.Madeline Shaddock MC, 6:06.50; 3.Lydia Lusk NP, 6:32.05; 5.Emily Wood MC, 6:50.07

200 yard free relay -- 1.Kearney A 1:49.21; 2.North Platte A 1:59.26; 3.McCook A (Danielle Blume, Jordan May, McKenzie Schmitz, Kelsey Pohl) 2:01.80; 4.Kearney B 2:02.20; 5.North Platte B 2:15.77; 6. McCook (Jessica Lotter, Mattie Uerling, Madison Koepke, Amberette Burkey) 2:24.22.

100 yard backstroke -- 1.Lauren Kennedy Kea, 1:04.94; 2.Whitney Korgan MC, 1:09.53; 3.Tessa Hlavaty NP, 1:10.37; 6.Erin Premer MC, 1:31.33

100 yard breaststroke -- 1.Haylee McKelvey Kea, 1:13.17; 2.Lauren Walford Kea, 1:26.63; 3.Madison Felker Mc, 1:32.78; 4.Danielle Blume Mc, 1:36.37

400 yard free relay -- 1.Kearney A 3:53.55; 2.McCook A (Madeline Shaddock, Jayde Aufrecht, Katie Latta, Whitney Korgan) 4:08.57; 3.North Platte A 4:12.51; 4.Kearney B 4:18.83; 5.McCook B (Emily Wood, Madison Wagner, Erin Premer, Jordan May 4:39.24; 6.North Platte B 4:43.10.

Boys results

200 yard free -- 1.Peter Lopez NP, 1:56.95; 2.Kirk O'Connell Kea, 2:05.66; 3.Dillon Johnson NP, 2:13.66; 4.Matt Carriker MC, 2:14.92.

50 yard free -- 1.Ethan Loseke Kea, 23.52; 2.Ben Anderson Kea, 24.08; 3.Adam Bailey NP, 26.95; 4.Chad Stull MC, 27.85.

1 meter diving -- 1.David Bunker NP, 275.25; 2.Josh Stevens MC, 268.10; 3.Matt Kreutzer Kea, 259.35.

100 yard free -- 1.Peter Lopez NP, 52.01; 2.Ben Anderson Kea, 54.03; 3.Hayden McKelvey Kea, 58.19; 4.Matt Carriker MC, 1:00.83; 6.Stephen Smock MC, 1:06.31

200 yard free relay -- 1.North Platte 1:39.08; 2.Kearney A 1:43.19; 3.Kearney B 1:51.34; 4.McCook A (Chad Stull, Stephen Smock, Lucas Jumps, Matt Carriker) 2:02.65; 5.North Platt B 2:08.64

400 yard free relay -- 1.North Platte A 3:36.35; 2.Kearney A 3:37.14; 3.Kearney B 4:07.47; 4.McCook (Josh Stevens, Corey Paz, Matt Carriker, Austin Edwards) 4:29.69.

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