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Movie Review - Gran Torino

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Movie Review - Gran Torino

Directed and Starring Clint Eastwood

Gran Torino is the story of an old man who's wife has passed away and his two sons and their families don't particularly understand or like hanging out with Dad. This leaves the grumpy old war veteran alone in his house and neighborhood where many foreigners have moved in over the years and most Americans have moved out. He reluctantly starts a relationship with the kids next door and becomes a friend. When a gang stars to harass the kids, the old man, Walt, decides to take action.

Gran Torino is a wonderful film. This is excellent filmmaking at its best. I can't possibly say more about this film, than you HAVE TO SEE IT NOW! I think that about sums up my feelings on the movie.

But, I will go further for those who are still trying to decide if they should go watch it. First, it is Clint Eastwood in a role that he has said may be his last time on screen due to his age. The man is 78! And c'mon, it's Clint Eastwood! Second, over the past two years, Clint has directed about 4 films and all have been critical and box office successes. This should tell you that this new one will get the same success and it has - this movie is doing well at the box office and is already buzzed about for some awards. Third, the flick is so well made, the story touches you and manages to make the two hour run time go by in minutes.

I was so impressed with the way this film manages comedy and drama without becoming 'cheesy' that I still was laughing and crying after the flick ended. There are no special effects in this film except a few gun related shots, but nothing spectacular, but it doesn't need it. This is a character driven epic piece of art that should be seen by all. The few supporting actors/actresses around Eastwood are amateurs that manage to at least move the story along, however up against Eastwood, they look like amateurs and that creates a small hole in the magic of the movie. It doesn't ruin it, but there are two distinct scenes where I would have preferred to have more experienced or just better actors/actresses to go head to head with Eastwood.

Overall, this movie is excellent and I highly recommend viewing it in theatres while you still can. Cinema 3 in McCook is playing it now. Check showtimes at www.fridleytheatres.com.

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