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Movie Review - Bride Wars

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Movie Review - Bride Wars

Starring Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway.

Rated PG for suggestive content, language, and some rude behavior.

Bride Wars is the latest comedy to come out at a time when a lot of women are thinking/planning/orchestrating a wedding. Bride Wars is just what it sounds. The movie is all about two brides engaged in a war.

The concept is interesting enough and provoked me into watching it, plus Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are attractive enough to watch for an hour plus. Overall, the story centers on those two who are best friend's since childhood. They dream of the day when they will have their own wedding at THE PLAZA. Plaza being the keyword as they both want their wedding at this place. So, as adults, it would just so happen that they both get engaged within a week of each other. They both book the Plaza within two weeks of each other and are extremely excited. Then, a mix-up happens and the staff accidentally booked them both on the same day at the Plaza. They both start to play nice, but eventually just start trying to destroy the other girls wedding in an attempt to have it moved to a different location.

While I understand weddings more than most due to my business, I still don't understand what the issue was in having both weddings at the same place. That question in itself really just ruins the movie if you think of it that way. If you imagine that there is no possible way to have two weddings on the same day then the plot works, otherwise its more than ridiculous. But, in the tradition of many films before it, Bride Wars gets through by not explaining it.

I am most enthralled with the antics that come to light after the two begin fighting. Since there is nothing to blow up or any real special effects to be used, the comedy is king, which puts the movie solely on the shoulders of its two main actresses. The two do a great job and carry the flick through all its most boring pieces. The antics come in the form of sabotage. One girl turns the others hair blue. Another time, the other girl turns the one girl's body orange. One girl switches the wedding tape with a spring break tape. The fight continues through many other hilarious bits. It's a shame that there wasn't more to this part of the movie because it's the part that really shines.

Overall, the flick is well written, has decent direction, and some great acting. I could easily see many people really enjoying this flick especially women who may even be able to relate to the wedding craziness. My wife enjoyed it a lot and will probably want to see it again on DVD. On the other hand, I will probably skip any repeat viewings, but for a wedding themed comedy - you can't do much better.

Bride Wars is playing at Cinema 3 in McCook. You can find showtimes at www.fridleytheatres.com.

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