McCook drivers fare well at Holyoke track

Monday, October 20, 2008

HOLYOKE, Colo. -- After holding off one week because of inclement weather, Phillips County Raceway in Holyoke, Colo., was able to get in its season ender on Saturday.

Ronnie Wallace and Larry Pollmann, both of McCook, and Michael Woodhead of Holyoke ended the season on the big half-mile track with the A Feature wins. An all-class challenge was held at the end of the night, with the IMCA Modifieds starting a lap down to the IMCA Stock Cars and Hobby Stocks.

A caution with a few laps to go ruined the chance to see if the fast cars could catch the slower cars. The field aligned in single file for the rest of the race and Cole Hodges of Ogallala would cross the finish line first with his Modified.

The IMCA Modified A Feature was aligned by time trials, and Garrett Sporhase of Holyoke wowed the hometown crowd by earning the pole with the fast time of 24.59 seconds. However, Jay Steffens of North Platte would shoot out to the lead at the start.

Track champion Cole Hodges moved into third place before spinning out on lap two, sending him to the back. While Hodges was working his way through the field, Ronnie Wallace began working Steffens.

On lap eight, Wallace changed his line going into corner one to where he could dive low underneath Steffens in corner two. The move was a success, and Wallace drove away for a big lead. Garrett Sporhase would get by Steffens before the final caution on lap seventeen, which found Hodges back into fourth place.

Wallace would stay way out front for the last three laps on his way to his second victory of the year at the track. Sporhase and Steffens kept Hodges back in fourth place. Kevin Massey of Brush, Colorado rounded out the top five.

Larry Pollmann made only his second visit to "The Holyoke Half Mile" and put his IMCA Stock Car on the outside front row of the A Feature. Randy Tipton of Weskan, Kan., made his track debut an impressive one, winning the pole by .44 seconds over Pollmann's time.

However, at the start of the race, Pollmann was ready to go and jumped out into the lead. The lead became bigger when Tipton was challenged for second spot by Jesse Taylor of Fort Morgan, Colo.

After the halfway point, something in Taylor's car broke, dropping him out of the race, and allowing Tipton to reel Pollmann back in.

Casey Woken of Ogallala began reeling both of the drivers in. When the three Stock Cars came across the finish line, the distance between the front bumper of Pollmann's winning car and the rear bumper of Woken's third place car was less than three car lengths. Ivan Wiebke of Holyoke finished in fourth.

Michael Woodhead finished time trials with a lap time of 27.85 seconds, .65 seconds faster than Ron Edge of Amherst, Colo. Edge must have worked on the car between then and the features, because he threw his car into the lead going into corner one.

On the sixth lap, Edge went into corner one too hot and hit the wall, flattening a right front tire, and handing the lead over to "Woody." The tire would come off of the wheel, bringing out the caution. On the restart, Nick Newman and Bill Triplette got together in corner one battling for second place.

Newman was able to recover first and take the spot. Edge would also get by Triplette at that time. With the action behind him, Woody kept his eyes on the open track in front of him and went away with the season-ending win.

Newman, Edge, and Triplette finished in that order behind him. Martha Newman of Holyoke rounded out the top five.

Phillips County Raceway

Holyoke, Colo.

Saturday, Oct. 18

IMCA Modifieds

Time Trials (top 3)

11S-Garrett Sporhase 24.59 sec

12J-Jay Steffens 24.81 sec

3RW-Ronnie Wallace 24.91 sec

A Feature

3RW-Ronnie Wallace

11S-Garrett Sporhase

12J-Jay Steffens

34JW-Cole Hodges

16-Kevin Massey

WW2-Bubba Alvarado

1R-Rick Alvarado

10-Don Geist

12-Chris Gould

71-Tyler Groves (DNF)

33-Shane Klockman (DNF)

94H-Don Hagan Jr. (DNF)

77-Mike Boesel (DNS)

20H-Justin Helgoth (DNS)

IMCA Stock Cars

Time Trials (top 3)

95-Randy Tipton 26.94 sec

413-Larry Pollmann 27.38 sec

5-Ivan Wiebke 27.44 sec

A Feature

413-Larry Pollmann

95-Randy Tipton

35JW-Casey Woken

5-Ivan Wiebke

05-Jesse Taylor (DNF)

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Time Trials (top 3)

88-Michael Woodhead 27.85 sec

3R-Ron Edge 28.50 sec

13-Bill Triplette 29.46 sec

A Feature

88-Michael Woodhead

12-Nick Newman

3R-Ron Edge

13-Bill Triplette

14M-Martha Newman

20J-John Groshans (DNS)

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