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Movie Review - ENCHANTED

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Movie Review - Enchanted

Starring Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, and Susan Sarandon.

Rated PG with a running time of 1 hour and 47 minutes.

Enchanted is the story of an animated princess who is dreaming of true love's kiss. An evil queen has been plotting to keep the princess from ever becoming queen but the prince soon shows up and they plan on marriage. The evil queen pushes the princess into a vast hole which turns the princess from animated to real life and she is transported into New York City. The prince comes to rescue her and zaniness prevails as the two are out of their elements in the big city.

This flick is cute, comedic, and amazing. I was quite enthralled with the entire movie. It has a clever script that weaves a traditional animated princess movie with the trappings of a 'real' world expertly. There are many moments in the film that just make you smile and that is what is so appealing about this movie. Enchanted is a breath of fresh air in the comedic genre, the animated genre (it uses only hand drawn animation), and the romantic genre. The movie makes you feel good. It also makes you realize how a little bit of enthusiasm and optimism can go a long way in the world. The princess is told that two people are getting divorced and she doesn't understand. When it is explained she begins to cry as she tells the two people getting divorced that she is so sad for them. However weird and funny it is for her to be saying these things, it is delivered with the heart. You could say that about the whole movie, that it is delivered from the heart.

Probably one of the best performances I've seen in a long time is by lead actress Amy Adams who plays the princess. The innocence she portrays through the princess is infectiously catchy and you can't help but smile at every little line she delivers. This movie would have sunk without someone so dynamic centering the movie like Adams has done. Adams was previously nominated for an Oscar and although I doubt this role will net an Oscar or even a nomination for her, she does deserve some recognition for this one. The rest of the cast does a convincing job of portraying their characters and James Marsden once again surprises with the amount of range he has been showing in the past couple years. He has played Cyclops in X-Men, dancing and singing host in Hairspray, regular guy in Superman, and now a prince in Enchanted. The guy bounces around and shows he can fit into many different stereotypes effectively. Susan Sarandon plays the evil Queen and is a little dry compared with the other two performances but she isn't terrible so it will do!

From the very beginning the music and graphics really draw you in. The graphics and visuals in both the animated and real worlds pop with color and life. Renowned Disney musician, Alan Menken returns to create the score and the musical numbers throughout. This is a nice return as Alan was the composer on many Disney animated shows like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid. The music is top notch and fits the story.

I had high hopes for Enchanted as I am a fan of animated shows from Disney/Pixar and was hoping that they wouldn't make a terrible movie from a great concept. Consider me pleased as I really enjoyed it. The return of a hand-drawn animated style was excellent. It only leaves me wanting more, which the Disney company will be proud to do as they are currently working on a new hand-drawn flick which should be out next year.

I highly recommend Enchanted. It is playing at Cinema 3 theatres in McCook. Check www.fridleytheatres.com for movie showtimes and more.

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